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Breast Augmentation to Correct Asymmetry

Plastic surgeon Gregory T. Mesna discusses how breast augmentation can address asymmetry, enhance the bustline, and improve self-confidence.

Posted by Mesna Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center on Oct 04, 2021

Best Sleeping Position After Breast Augmentation

Sleeping position after breast augmentation can affect how incisions heal and implants settle. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna offers these tips for sleeping post-surgery.

Posted by Mesna Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center on Mar 03, 2021

Breast Implant Settling

Plastic surgeon Gregory T. Mesna discusses the typical timeframe for breast implants settling into the ideal position after breast augmentation.

Posted by Mesna Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center on Aug 17, 2017

Breast Augmentation for Wide Set Breasts: Can it Be Done?

Dr. Gregory T. Mesna can help patients determine if breast augmentation for wide set breasts will achieve their cosmetic goals and set realistic expectations.

Dec 14, 2016

Breast Augmentation for Athletes: What Should You Consider?

Athletes have unique concerns during breast augmentation surgery given how implants may interact with muscle. Let's cover the basics.

Nov 29, 2016

Improving Your Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

Dr. Gregory T. Mesna outlines the factors involved for improving your cleavage with breast augmentation.

Aug 26, 2016

Weighing Breast Enhancement Options: Augmentation vs. Lift

Breast augmentation and breast lift can help enhance your lines and curves. Let's compare the surgeries.

Jul 23, 2016

Are You a Mommy Makeover Candidate?

Dr. Mesna provides personal consultations to create unique treatment plans for mommy makeover candidates. Schedule your consultation today.

Jul 18, 2016

Breast Implant Revision Can Address Poor Implant Placement

Breast augmentation revision surgery can be performed to correct poor placement of breast implants.

Jun 16, 2016

Breast Augmentation for Tubular/Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous or tubular breasts are an aesthetic flaw that can be treated through the use of implants in an augmentation surgery.

Dec 17, 2015

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