Should I Get Implants or a Breast Lift? Comparing Surgical Options By Mesna Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center on April 01, 2024

woman with a full, lifted bustlineSome women may feel some level of dissatisfaction with the appearance of their breasts. While some are unhappy with the breast’s natural appearance, others may be concerned about changes brought on by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations. Plastic surgery can enhance the size, shape, or position of the breasts to give patients the contours they desire.

Breast augmentation with implants and breast lift to raise the bust are popular cosmetic procedures. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna of Mesna Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center in Minneapolis, MN, offers both techniques at his practice. Dr. Mesna helps patients compare implants vs. a breast lift to determine which procedure best fits their needs and desires.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation allows women to increase the size of their breasts and enhance their curves. During a breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Mesna inserts breast implants to add volume to small or depleted breasts. Breast augmentation can address several cosmetic concerns. Ideal candidates for the procedure include:

  • Women with naturally small breasts
  • Women with decreased breast volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss
  • Women with asymmetrical breasts
  • Women who want to improve breast shape or contouring

Breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure. Dr. Mesna helps his Minneapolis patients personalize treatment by selecting the surgical technique (incision type), type of breast implant (saline or silicone), implant size, implant shape, implant texture, and implant location (in front of or behind the chest muscle).

Breast Lift

A breast lift enhances the appearance of the breasts by adjusting their position. During a breast lift procedure, Dr. Mesna removes excess tissue and repositions the remaining tissues to lift the breasts to a higher position. A breast lift may be ideal for women who experience sagging due to:

  • Aging
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight loss

Like breast augmentation, a breast lift procedure is customizable to each patient’s specific needs. Dr. Mesna offers three breast lift techniques at his Minneapolis plastic surgery practice, each appropriate for different degrees of sagging.

Can I Combine a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation increases breast volume, which has a minor effect on the breasts’ position. A breast lift raises the breasts, which minimally affects breast shape. However, many women want to increase the size of their breasts while restoring them to a higher position on the chest wall. Because of this, patients frequently ask Dr. Mesna if he can combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation. Fortunately, the answer is yes. 

Women who are ideal candidates for both procedures can undergo plastic surgery to lift the breasts by repositioning breast tissue and increase breast size by inserting breast implants. A combination of breast lift and augmentation allows patients to enhance the size, shape, position, and overall appearance of their breasts with a single surgical procedure.

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