Rhinoplasty for the Nostrils: Adjusting Shape, Size, and Symmetry By on June 15, 2016

A woman smilingWe've helped so many people in the greater Minneapolis area look their best and achieve their aesthetic goals. Sometimes this is accomplished through facial plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty (bose job). Other times this is accomplished through body contouring procedures. Whatever the case may be, we always do our best to tailor treatment to the needs of the patient.

When people have large or flared nostrils, it can impact their appearance in ways they do not wish them to. Large nostrils can sometimes leave people feeling quite self-conscious about their appearance, making them consider cosmetic surgery. They may think a nose job is right for them, which is what we'd like to consider in this post.

About Rhinoplatsty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty is a form of facial plastic surgery that alters the shape and size of the nose and its various structures. It's one of the more common facial procedures performed each year.

As we noted, different parts of the nose can be treated. If you're looking to address the nostrils, the ideal surgery for this is known as an alarplasty.

Alarplasty Surgery

Alarplasty is a surgery that is specifically performed on the alar. This is the part of the nose where a person's nostrils are rounded, exxentially covering the tip of the nose to the area where the nose connects to the cheeks and nasolabial folds.

Alarplasty can adjust and reshape the alars, making nostrils less prominent overall.

Ideal Candidates for Alarplasty

The best candidates for alarplasty are people who feel self-conscious about the shape and contour of their nose. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any medical conditions that would make a facial surgery a potential risk to wellness.

It's important that patients have realistic expectations about this surgery and that they know all of the risks and benefits related to alarplasty and nose surgery. This helps ensure better overall results and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

The Alarplasty Procedure

Performed under local anesthetic, a surgeon will carefully make incisions typically within the nostrils themselves. Through these incisions, excess tissue is removed in order for the alars to be reshaped and the overall size of the nostrils revised. Sutures are placed to make the nostrils narrower.

The Results of Alarplasty

The results of alarplasty can be quite effective, with the size, shape, and prominence of the notrils made less pronounced. Since the alarplasty surgery will generally not involve any contact with the bone or cartilage of the nose, patient recovery tends to be relatively quick, easy, and free from hassles.

Is Alarplasty Right for Me?

The best way to find out if alarplasty is the right cosmetic surgery for you and your goals, it's important to visit our practice for a consultation. We'll assess your situation and offer our thoughts on how you can look the way you'd like. This will help you make a smart and confident decision about these matters.

Learn More About Rhinoplasty

For more information about reducing the size of nostrils and other ways to enhance your appearance through rhinoplasty, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. Our team is here to help you look your very best.

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