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Female with a proportionate, well-shaped noseMany people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose and, unfortunately, this can greatly affect a person’s confidence. The size and shape of the nose can throw off the proportions of the face and may keep people from looking and feeling their best. Additionally, dips, bumps, and other imperfections on the nose can stand out and detract from other facial features. Rhinoplasty surgery can address blemishes and enhance the size and shape of the nose to improve a patient’s overall appearance and leave them feeling more confident and beautiful. Rhinoplasty has successfully helped numerous patients achieve their aesthetic goals, but patients should not go into this procedure without having a full understanding of what will take place during recovery. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna discusses the rhinoplasty recovery timeline with his Minneapolis, MN patients prior to surgery so that they will know what to expect during this time, and be well prepared to care for themselves while the body heals.

The First Few Days after Surgery

It will take a while to heal completely from rhinoplasty surgery, but the first few days after treatment will be the most intense. In the first 48 hours after surgery, patients are likely to be experience extreme fatigue and moderate discomfort. Additionally, there are several surgical side effects that will develop, and these symptoms will be the most severe during this time. Below are the most common side effects of rhinoplasty:

  • Bruising along the nose, cheeks, and eyes
  • Swelling of the nose
  • Headaches
  • Nose bleeds

We recommend that patients plan to have a friend or family member stay with them and help care for them during the first day or two following surgery. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication can be used to control pain and discomfort, and ice packs can be used to control swelling during this time. We suggest that patients plan to rest (keeping the head slightly elevated) for much of this initial stage of recovery.

A Week after Surgery

Within a week or two after surgery, most of the surgical side effects have improved significantly. A follow-up appointment will likely be scheduled around this time. At this appointment, Dr. Mesna will probably remove any nasal packing that was placed, as well as the splint and stitches. Around this time, patients often begin to feel better and are ready to return to some normal activities. If recovery is going as planned and patients are feeling up to it, they may return to work at this time. However, we do recommend that patients avoid any strenuous activities (including exercise and sports) for at least several more weeks. It is important to protect the nose as it continues to heal in order to ensure optimal surgical results.

Six to Eight Weeks after Surgery

Around six to eight weeks after surgery, patients should have only the most minimal swelling (if any) and should be able to see the full effects of their rhinoplasty procedure. While the initial stages of recovery may be difficult, most patients find that the results they experience at this time are well worth whatever discomfort may have been experienced during the first few weeks of recovery.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in enhancing your natural beauty by improving the appearance of your nose, it is time to learn more about rhinoplasty surgery. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory T. Mesna at your earliest convenience to find out if this cosmetic procedure can provide you with your desired results.

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