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Minneapolis Full Facelift TechniqueAt the practice of esteemed plastic surgeon Gregory T. Mesna, a variety of facelift techniques are available to service the diverse range of needs of our patients. Some of our patients turn to us for subtle refinements to targeted areas of their faces, such as sagging skin along the chin or nasolabial folds. Others require more extensive surgery but only to select regions of their faces, such as the lower face or the mid face. For patients who want to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation at our practice in Minneapolis, however, the full facelift technique is generally the way to go.

The Modern Full Facelift

There was a time when a full facelift often resulted in a pulled-back, unnatural appearance to the facial skin, usually along with visible scars and other tell-tale signs of surgery. This is no longer the case, especially when the procedure is performed by a master of the discreet incision such as Dr. Mesna. While modified, minimal-incision facelifts are often preferred by patients with limited problem areas, the full facelift can produce dramatic yet natural-looking results that are every bit as refined and beautifully elegant as its less invasive counterparts.

The Technique

In performing a full facelift, Dr. Mesna does not simply pull and lift the skin to make it tighter and smoother. This would result in an aesthetically displeasing appearance in most cases. Rather, he redistributes facial fat pockets as necessary to restore lost fullness and add volume to support the tauter skin. He accesses the underlying structures of the face through incisions made strategically along the hairline, down past the temple, around the ears, and ending on the back of the lower scalp. Once the patient has healed, the resulting scars are mostly hidden behind the hairline, leaving him or her looking naturally younger, fitter, healthier, and more attractive.

It is important to note that Dr. Mesna is an expert in facial anatomy, which enables him to plan the procedure so that as many cosmetic flaws as possible are addressed in the most conservative fashion possible. He understands how to reposition fat and muscle so that the facial skin looks as though it has not been touched by a surgical blade or manipulated in any way. It is this intimate knowledge of the underlying structures of the facial skin, combined with an uncanny eye for aesthetics, that differentiates Dr. Mesna’s full facelift technique from conventional techniques.

Achieving Even More Comprehensive Results

For patients who want to achieve truly comprehensive facial rejuvenation, full facelift surgery can be combined with other procedures. For example, while deep nasolabial folds can be improved through facelift surgery, they can be dramatically reduced through the simultaneous application of JUVÉDERM® injections. Likewise, the appearance of sagging brows can be addressed through brow lift, or sagging eyelids through blepharoplasty. Each of these procedures, like the full facelift, can be fully customized to the individual patient’s needs and goals to ensure the best results possible.

Learn More about the Full Facelift Technique

To learn more about the full facelift technique as perfected by Dr. Mesna, please contact our plastic surgery practice today.

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