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Minneapolis Mini Facelift TechniqueFor most, the signs of aging begin to show on the face when patients are somewhere in their 30s or 40s. While the beginning signs are often minimal, once these characteristics emerge, they will continue to progress. Typically, by the time patients reach their 50s or 60s, they have experienced a significant loss of elasticity that has resulted in loose, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles and creases. This is when a traditional facelift would be effective in treating these imperfections to rejuvenate the appearance. However, at his plastic surgery practice serving patients from Minneapolis, Dr. Gregory T. Mesna offers the mini facelift, a procedure that allows surgeons to treat moderate signs of aging before they progress to the point that a traditional facelift is required.


A traditional facelift is ideal for correcting moderate to severe signs of aging on the mid and lower face. While this is an effective surgery for many patients, there is a large group of patients who have concerns about the beginning signs of aging, but who do not have all the characteristics that would necessitate a full facelift. These are the patients who are likely ideal candidates for a mini facelift. Typically, patients who are better suited for a mini facelift include the following:

  • Patients in their 30s and 40s
  • Patients with minor to moderate signs of aging on the lower face
  • Patients with loose skin around the neck
  • Patients with sagging or creasing between the nose and mouth
  • Patients who have had facelift surgery in the past and desire an additional touch-up

A mini facelift is a minimally invasive procedure with a quick recovery so it is an ideal option for most patients with any of the above concerns.

The Procedure

The mini facelift procedure requires less time than a traditional facelift, is less invasive, and results in a quicker recovery. That is why many people refer to this procedure as the “weekend facelift.” The mini facelift technique allows Dr. Mesna to make effective alterations to the skin and muscles on the lower portion of the face without requiring a significant incision, which also results in little to no scarring. Instead, Dr. Mesna uses a series of two to three small incisions to gain access to the facial muscles. Through these incisions, excess fat can be removed and the facial muscles can be reshaped in order to reduce sagging around the cheek, jawline, and neck.

The entire mini facelift procedure can be completed in about an hour while the patient is under the effects of local anesthetics and sedation. This is an outpatient procedure that allows the patient to return home shortly after surgery. Because of the minimally invasive technique, recovery is quick, with most patients returning to work or other routine activities about a week after surgery.

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Many patients avoid seeking cosmetic treatment until the signs of aging are severe. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna allows patients to avoid the need for more comprehensive surgery by offering the mini facelift. The mini facelift addresses signs of aging before they progress and provides patients with a minimally invasive, yet significantly effective treatment. To learn more about this procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mesna at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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