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Cosmetic Procedures for Men Minneapolis

Liposuction for Men

As we age, it can become difficult to get rid of excess fat deposits on various parts of the body, even when we follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. Mesna Plastic Surgery offers liposuction to help men achieve the thinner, more defined figure they desire.

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Injectables for Men

Is is now possible to maintain a youthful look without the need for surgery. We offer a range of injectable treatments for men, including BOTOX® Cosmetic and RADIESSE®. With these treatments, you can maintain your appearance and keep wrinkles and fine lines to a minimum.

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Hormonal imbalance, age, medications, and certain medical conditions can cause male breast tissue to swell and increase in size. Dr. Mesna can perform a gynecomastia procedure to reduce the size of male breasts, while restoring confidence and manliness.

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