Tummy Tuck and Post-Surgical Scarring: What Patients Can Expect By Mesna Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center on August 04, 2021

woman with a slim, firm midsectionAbdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is consistently one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures. A tummy tuck eliminates excess skin and fatty tissues from the midsection, and repairs stretched abdominal muscles, to improve body contours. Tummy tuck surgery is especially beneficial following significant weight loss or childbirth.

While a tummy tuck offers promising aesthetic results, many people worry that a tummy tuck scar will keep them from fully enjoying the benefits of treatment. Although tummy tuck scars are unavoidable, they are not as obvious or severe as many imagine. Here, plastic surgeon Gregory Mesna prepares his Minneapolis, MN, patients for what to expect of their tummy tuck scars, and offers tips to encourage healing. 

Where Is a Tummy Tuck Incision Made?

During tummy tuck surgery an incision is made to grant access to the abdominal muscles and allow for the removal of loose skin and stubborn fat deposits. The incision is necessary, but as it heals it will result in a scar. Dr. Mesna is very careful with the placement of a tummy tuck incision. His goal is to create an incision that will be easily hidden beneath a pair of shorts or bikini bottom.

To make tummy scars discreet, Dr. Mesna makes the incision very low across the abdomen, usually just above the pubic area. The tummy tuck incision extends horizontally across the belly. The length of the incision will depend on the degree of changes being made, but it typically extends from one hip bone to the other.

What Will My Tummy Tuck Scar Look Like?

Everyone heals at their own rate and has their own unique characteristics, so it is not possible for us to tell our Minneapolis patients exactly what their tummy tuck scar will look like as it heals. However, scars generally look fairly severe after surgery. It is not unusual for scars to appear bright red in color, thick, and raised. Fortunately, scars usually fade over time as they continue to heal. By one year following surgery, tummy tuck scars should be thin, flat, and light pink, white, or brown in color (depending on the patient’s skin tone).

Promoting Incision Healing

Surgical aftercare can play a large role in how incisions heal and what resulting scars will look like. To promote timely healing it is important that our Minneapolis patients follow all provided aftercare instructions. These tips are especially essential for incision care:

  • Replace bandages as directed
  • Keep incision sites clean
  • Keep incision sites dry
  • Avoid using soap or other cosmetic products on incisions until they have completely healed

Scar Minimizing Treatments

As long as incisions are cared for properly they should heal well, so that scars gradually lighten over time. However, there are some scar minimizing treatments that people can use to help the process. These products will not eliminate scars, but they can minimize their appearance. Common scar minimizing treatments include:

  • Scar tape
  • Scar fading cream or topical treatments
  • Laser treatments
  • Microneedling collagen induction therapy

It is important to note that any scar minimizing treatments should only be started once an incision is completely healed and closed.

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If you are considering a tummy tuck and would like more information about the procedure or recovery process, Dr. Gregory Mesna would be happy to answer any questions you have. Send us a message online or call (952) 927-4556 to schedule a consultation.

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