The Side Effects of Dermal Filler Injections: What to Expect By on July 04, 2017

Cosmetic injection treatment for facial wrinklesFacial plastic surgery procedures are able to work wonders for many patients. These surgeries reduce wrinkles and tighten up the skin in remarkable ways. Yet injectable cosmetic treatments continue to grow in popularity, allowing Minneapolis patients to experience the benefits of facial surgery without the scarring or downtime.

Even though there is no downtime after getting dermal filler injections, there are some mild side effects to consider. Let's go over the basics so you can have realistic expectations about the treatment process.

Dermal Fillers and How They Work

Dermal fillers refer to a broad range of cosmetic solutions that are injected in order to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pits, and folds. These dermal fillers add volume to the injection site, and in the process improve overall facial aesthetics.

Common/Popular Dermal Fillers

Some of the most common and popular dermal fillers offered today include:

  • Artefill®/Artecoll®
  • Hylaform®
  • Perlane®
  • Restylane®
  • Sculptra®

While the specific side effects of these dermal fillers can vary from solution to solution, the side effects noted below cover the broad range of potential side effects that people experience after undergoing dermal filler treatment.

Redness of the Skin

After undergoing any sort of injectable treatment, it's not uncommon for there to be some temporary redness or pinkness of the skin. This side effect may make a person appear flush for a short duration of time.

Swelling Near Injections Sites

Another common side effect of cosmetic injections is some swelling at the injection site. Thankfully the swelling is not extreme and fades soon after the procedure has been performed.

Tenderness of the Face

Following a dermal filler treatment, a person's face may feel tender or raw, particularly around the area of the injection site. This is a common side effect, and like others does not last long.

Lumpiness or Unevenness

Sometimes after getting a dermal filler injection, patients may notice some lumpiness or bumpiness around the injection site. This can be semi-pronounced soon after the injection, though the skin tends to even out soon after, leading to excellent cosmetic results.

Firming Up Around Injection Sites

In addition to lumpiness in the injection site, some patients may notice the injection area become firmer or tighter. This is a normal response to the treatment, and does not last long. Your skin will feel supple and natural in no time.

How Long Will These Side Effects Last?

Typically, the above side effects only last a few hours to a few days. The duration can vary depending on the dermal filler. During the consultation process, we can discuss the side effects of these cosmetic injections so you know exactly what's involved with treatment.

How We Prevent Serious Side Effects and Complications

To prevent complications and to reduce the severity of side effects, we carefully tailor every treatment to the needs of the patient. This means noting any potential allergies a patient may have or possible contraindications with medications they are currently taking. Planning treatment in this way helps ensure ideal outcomes as well as improved patient satisfaction.

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