A True Confidence Builder: Otoplasty for Protruding Ears By on March 25, 2017

A young man looking confident after having undergone otoplasty for protruding earsAt Mesna Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gregory T. Mesna and his team look at every procedure they perform as an opportunity to transform a person’s life. For some patients, plastic surgery represents a truly momentous event, a chance to boost their self-esteem and feel better about themselves and how they look, maybe for the first time ever. This is often the case for patients who undergo otoplasty, better known as cosmetic ear surgery.

Otoplasty is one of the rare plastic surgery procedures that are commonly performed on children as well as adults. This is because the average person’s ears are fully developed by the time he or she is five years old. Many parents elect to have children with protruding ears undergo otoplasty before they enter school in order to spare them from the inevitable teasing and name calling, while others bring their children in to Mesna Plastic Surgery at later ages because of such verbal abuse. Of course, while many people adjust to their protruding ears as they reach adulthood, some continue to relive the cruel taunts and choose to undergo otoplasty in their twenties, thirties, forties, or even later in life.

Whatever the case, patients who undergo otoplasty for protruding ears at our Minneapolis, MN plastic surgery practice emerge looking entirely natural, with ears that lie gracefully and inconspicuously back against their heads. Fortunately, nearly anyone who has fully formed ears and is in sufficient health to undergo surgery is a good candidate for otoplasty.

If you would like to learn whether otoplasty is the right option for you or your child, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory T. Mesna today.

How Is Otoplasty for Protruding Ears Performed?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure during which the ears are repositioned so that they lie flatter against the side of the head. If necessary to achieving the most natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing results, Dr. Mesna may also reshape the ears.

The procedure begins with Dr. Mesna placing discreet incisions behind the ear in the natural crease where the ear comes together with the side of the head. This allows him to access the cartilage of the ear. If it is necessary to reduce the size of the ear, Dr. Mesna will remove some cartilage along with any excess skin. He will then sculpt the remaining cartilage into the desired shape and secure the new shape with sutures.

If no removal of cartilage is necessary, Dr. Mesna will simply proceed to the next step of the procedure, which is to use sutures to pin the ears closer to the head. The ears will heal in their new positions, where they will permanently remain.

Otoplasty is considered one of the safest, most reliable procedures in all of plastic surgery, with an extremely high rate of success.

Learn More about Otoplasty

To learn more about otoplasty or to find out whether you or your child is a good candidate for the procedure, please contact Mesna Plastic Surgery today.

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