Am I a Candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery? By Mesna Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center on December 30, 2016

A man's chestMale breast reduction surgery is a procedure that helps reduce the prominence and improve the appearance of the chest in men. The procedure will involve liposuction as well as a careful removal of excess tissue in the pectoral area. After male breast reduction has been performed, patients will appear trimmer, slimmer, and more masculine.

Whether you have an enlarged chest from gynecomastia or other issues related to body contour, the team at our Minneapolis plastic surgery center can help you look your best and feel great about how you look.

General Candidacy for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Good candidates for male breast reduction surgery are men who have issues with the prominence and appearance of their pectoral region. They should be in good health overall and not suffer from any conditions that would make undergoing male breast reduction surgery a serious health concern.

Problems with Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is an endocrine system disorder that commonly affects boys during puberty. It is marked by the effeminate appearance of the chest area, making boys appear to have breasts. It's estimated that up to 70% of boys experience some degree of gynecomastia as they go through adolescence. It's also estimated that three-quarters of gynecomastia cases are resolve on their own without the need for surgery.

For men who still have pronounced breasts into adulthood, male breast reduction surgery can help improve the appearance of the chest.

Issues Related to Weight Gain or Weight Loss

In addition to gynecomastia, issues with weight gain and weight loss can lead to problems with chest appearance and contour. Undergoing male breast reduction surgery may be the necessary body sculpting procedure to help address remaining fat or tissue following major weight loss.

Self-Consciousness from Appearance of the Chest

Of course, one of the key reasons for undergoing male breast reduction has a lot to do with self-consciousness and self-image. If you feel self-conscious about the way your chest looks, undergoing male breast reduction is a solid solution for resolving aesthetic issues and improving confidence.

Realistic Expectations About Male Breast Reduction Surgery

It's of the utmost importance that you have realistic expectations about the surgery, recovery from the procedure, and the side effects experienced during recovery. This will help improve the patient experience during recovery and give patients a proper understanding of what will happen after the surgery is performed. This is an important part of all surgical treatments.

Discuss Your Surgical Options with Our Team

If you are interested in male breast reduction surgery and would like to learn more about the procedure and how it can help you, we would be more than happy to meet you in person for a cosmetic surgery consultation. This will allow us to go over the risks and benefits of the surgery and how it can help you.

Learn More About Breast Reduction Surgery

For more information about male breast reduction surgery and how it can help you look your absolute best, be sure to contact our cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery center today. Our team will help you achieve a trimmer and slimmer frame.

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