Are Mommy Makeovers Effective: Exercise vs. Plastic Surgery By on August 15, 2016

A woman holding her breastsThe people of Minneapolis can count on our team to offer excellent cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery solutions. These procedures are designed to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and improve overall feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Some of the most effective procedures of this kind include mommy makeover treatment for post-pregnancy body contouring.Yet some people wonder how a mommy makeover stacks up against exercise and a healthy diet alone. Let's take a moment to contrast and compare these different options.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover refers to a combination of surgeries that are performed in order to improve overall body contour and appearance. These surgeries, when combined, can help eliminate stretchmarks, reduce drooping and sagging, and improve a woman's overall body contour. It's common for mommy makeovers to target the abdominal region (tummy tuck), the breasts (breast lift or breast reduction), and even the extremities (thigh lift and arm lift).

How Helpful Is Post-Pregnancy Exercise?

Exercising after childbirth is a crucial part of getting healthy and losing weight accumulated while you were pregnant. This exercise can help tighten and tone muscles, improve cardiovascular and respiratory healthy, and generally make you feel great again. Indeed, getting a good healthy sweat going after being pregnant is refreshing.

However, exercise has its limitations. While you can trim and tone up thanks to exercise, you will not be able to reduce loose and sagging skin that may have been stretched out from pregnancy. Exercise will also not be able to eliminate stretchmarks.

How Helpful Is Post-Pregnancy Diet Improvements?

Having a healthy diet is always an important step in lasting wellness. By eating right, you can help reduce weight and boost your general health and wellness. Fresh vegetables ad fruits should be a staple of your diet, combined with complex carbohydrates, whole-fat dairy, and lean sources of protein.

Yet like exercise, diet will improve wellness but is not a viable means of removing lines, stretchmarks, or sagging of the skin.

Only Plastic Surgery Can Address Sagging and Stretchmarks

Given the nature of skin laxity, the only means of eliminating sagging skin as well as stretchmarks is to undergo a body contouring procedure. The mommy makeover treatment is designed to remove that excess skin and tighten a woman's remaining skin for optimal aesthetic results.

Why Not Both: Mommy Makeovers and Healthy Living Is Best

As you can imagine, exercising, eating right, and undergoing a mommy makeover are not exclusive options for looking your best. It's ideal to exercise and eat right after childbirth as a means of preparing yourself for a mommy makeover, and continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle in the years after. This ensures lasting results as well as lasting general wellness.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

A mommy makeover can lead to significant improvements of your appearance, and it is a great option for many women who would like to improve and enhance their overall body contour. Yet a mommy makeover is not always for everyone. The best way to learn about mommy makeovers and if they're right for you is to schedule a consultation at our practice.

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