Why Lifestyle Changes May Be Necessary Before Plastic Surgery By on July 01, 2016

An older couple outdoors bikingEffective cosmetic surgery means planning. Patients should know all of the risks and benefits going into a procedure, and they should have all the information they need to heal properly and ensure excellent results. Our focus on pre-planning and patient education is part of what makes our Minneapolis cosmetic surgery center one of the leaders in the region for patient care and satisfaction.

Whether you undergo facial plastic surgery to reduce wrinkles or body sculpting surgery to get rid of unwanted fat, there are a few things you can do to improve your surgical recovery and results. Let's explore this matter in a bit more detail.

Preparing for Plastic Surgery Is Smart Planning

Preparing yourself for surgery can reduce the risk of serious complications and minimize the severity of your side effects. Preparation, however, means more than just making your house ready for the recovery process by running errands, buying groceries, filling prescriptions, and cleaning. It also means changing your lifestyle for the better, and there are a few ways you can do that.

Eat a Healthy and Well-Balanced Diet

You are what you eat, and what you eat can make a major difference when it comes to general health and your ability to heal quickly and properly. Make sure that your diet is low in fat and sugar, high on fiber and rich in nutrients, and consists of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Exercise and Be Active

Exercise is extremely important for proper healing and general wellness. Get your blood circulating and body moving ahead of surgery so you are healthy as you heal. Even low-impact aerobics and simple calisthenics can make a major difference in terms of mild weight loss and good overall condition.

Avoiding Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Smoking and chewing tobacco can have plenty of negative effects on your health and wellness. One of the major issues with smoking is that it can make recovery times longer after surgery, and it can lead to poor wound healing and an increased risk of infection. If you smoke or use any tobacco products, be sure to refrain from this bad habit for a few weeks before and a few weeks after surgery.

Abstaining from Alcoholic Beverages

A drink every now and then can be great to unwind, but it can actually take a toll on the body if you're healing from surgery. Like tobacco, alcohol can affect healing times and healing efficiency. Be sure to avoid alcoholic beverages for a few weeks before surgery and a few weeks after surgery just to make sure you heal properly.

Do NOT Take Aspirin and Certain Medications

Aspirin can thin the blood, which is great for some heart patients but bad for surgery. Thinning blood can lead to issues with people healing at incision sites, and could pose a risk for post-surgical bleeding. Be sure to avoid taking aspirin leading into your surgery. Other medications that thin the blood or that could pose an issue to recovery can also be discussed during the consultation.

Steeling Yourself Emotionally and Psychologically

Just as important as these various ways to improve your physical well-being going into surgery, your mental and emotional well-being should be taken into account as well. As you head into surgery, be sure to discuss your concerns with the team at our practice. We can answer questions and empower you with information to allay any anxieties. Similarly, be open with friends and family about your concerns. Having their support before and after surgery is crucial for you to feel great in the long run.

Learn More About Plastic Surgery Procedures

For more information about changing your lifestyle to improve your surgical experience and recovery, be sure to schedule a consultation at our cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery center today. Our entire team will help you look and feel great.

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