Thigh Lift vs. Thigh Liposuction: Which Is Right for You? By on June 24, 2016

A woman pinching the fat on her thighsAt Mesna Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of body contouring procedures that can be performed individually or in combination, all completely customizable and designed to restore symmetry and harmony to the figures of our patients. In the hands of a skilled surgeon with an artistic eye such as Dr. Gregory T. Mesna, procedures such as thigh lift and thigh liposuction can have a profound impact on the appearance and the lives of patients, helping them to feel better about themselves and more comfortable in their own skin. However, it is essential that patients select the right procedure for their unique cases if they are to feel satisfied with their final results. For that reason, they must understand the differences between two similar, but fundamentally different, procedures such as thigh lift and thigh liposuction.

Many patients go into consultations with Dr. Mesna believing that thigh lift and thigh liposuction are essentially the same, if not exactly the same, procedure. For this reason, Dr. Mesna discusses the issue of thigh lift vs. thigh liposuction in detail during consultations at his Minneapolis, MN plastic surgery practice, giving patients the precise information they need to make confident decisions about how to proceed with their treatment. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your thighs, he would be pleased to do the same for you.

Are you a good candidate for thigh lift? Or would thigh liposuction better allow you to achieve your aesthetic goals? Find out for yourself by scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Mesna at Mesna Plastic Surgery today.

What Is Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift surgery takes a comprehensive approach to improving the appearance of the thighs by removing both excess skin and excess fat from the region. These excess tissues can be removed from either the inner or outer thighs, depending on where these tissues have accumulated. Inner thigh lift is most common; among patients who are experiencing only minor issues with their inner thighs, the inner thigh lift can be modified to a mini thigh lift.

One of the benefits of a thigh lift is that it will correct sagging of the thigh skin through the surgical excision of excess skin and subsequent tightening of the remaining skin.

What Is Thigh Liposuction?

Unlike thigh lift surgery, thigh liposuction addresses only isolated deposits of fat that have collected on the thighs. Liposuction targets these fat cells, breaking them up and then safely and gently removing them via a suction device called a cannula. Thigh liposuction is recommended for patients who are concerned only with stubborn deposits of fat on their thighs but otherwise are not experiencing any sagging or skin laxity.

It is worth noting that thigh lift surgery and thigh liposuction are not mutually exclusive procedures. Outstanding results can be achieved by combining the two procedures.

Learn More about Thigh Lift and Thigh Liposuction

To learn more about thigh lift and thigh liposuction, and which procedure may be best suited to you, please contact Mesna Plastic Surgery today.

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