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A slender and toned female torsoLocalized deposits of fat are difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. These stubborn fat deposits often fail to respond to even the strictest nutrition and fitness routines. Fortunately, liposuction offers a solution to patients who wish to eliminate excess fat and improve body contours. Liposuction successfully tones and tightens common problem areas, such as the hips, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Following liposuction treatment, patients should be prepared for an extensive recovery period. During this time, patients will experience certain side effects. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna discusses common liposuction side effects that his Minneapolis, MN patients may experience after treatment so they are prepared for their recovery.

Side Effects

Dr. Mesna is highly experienced in liposuction treatment and utilizes the latest techniques to ensure superior safety and effectiveness for his patients. However, no matter how successful a liposuction treatment may be, it is perfectly normal for the patient to experience some side effects during recovery. While these side effects cannot be avoided, there are steps that a patient can take to ensure that recovery goes smoothly and that side effects diminish within a reasonable time frame. Below are some of the most common side effects of liposuction, as well as ways in which they can be managed:

  • Swelling: Swelling is, by far, the most significant side effect of liposuction treatment. Although much of the swelling will dissipate a week or two after treatment, the treatment area is likely to remain visibly swollen for several weeks. To keep swelling under control, patients are advised to wear a compression garment on the treatment area for at least two weeks after liposuction. These garments encourage blood circulation and reduce swelling.
  • Bruising: Bruising is a common side effect of treatment. The skin immediately surrounding the treatment area may take on a black and blue appearance for at least the first week of recovery. These bruises will need time to heal, but in the meantime patients can use ice packs or cold compresses to reduce swelling and minimize any discomfort that the bruises may cause.
  • Pain/discomfort: Dr. Mesna will use anesthetic to ensure his patients remain comfortable throughout liposuction treatment, but it is normal for some pain to be experienced in the first few days of recovery. Dr. Mesna will prescribe pain medication that patients can use as directed to control any discomfort.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue is another common side effect of liposuction. Fatigue is likely to be especially prevalent in the first day or two after treatment when the body may still be responding to the effects of anesthesia. Although we do encourage light walking during the beginning stages of liposuction recovery, it is important to allow the body plenty of time to rest. Even as patients return to their normal routine, it is important to avoid more strenuous activities, such as aerobic exercise, for at least six weeks.

With proper care and preparation, the liposuction recovery period should go smoothly for patients. Dr. Mesna thoroughly prepares his patients for the side effects that may be experienced during this time.

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If you are looking to tone and slim problem areas, liposuction may be the right cosmetic treatment for you. To learn more about this procedure, including preparation for treatment and what to expect during recovery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory T. Mesna at your earliest convenience.

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