Preparing for Breast Reduction Surgery: Pre-op Instructions By on April 14, 2016

A woman in a white braWhen a woman has breasts that are pendulous, drooping, or are simply too large for her frame, undergoing a breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty) is a good option to consider. This procedure allows women to have a more proportionate bustline and better overall body contour in the process.

Dr. Gregory T. Mesna has helped many women in the Minneapolis area with this surgical procedure. What surprises many of his patients is how committed he is to proper pre-op care. As you're about to see, the pre-op phase can help patients immensely when it comes to healing and wellness.

Pre-Op Instructions: Healing Starts Before the First Incision

Pre-op instructions are in place to help ensure a speedy recovery that is also problem free. It's a way to get you ready for surgery and start the healing process before the surgery has even started. By following pre-op instructions closely, you will be able to prevent serious complications and minimize the severity of post-surgical side effects.

Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco Products

Both tobacco products and alcohol products have a negative effect on healing and wellness. Both can lead to longer healing times as well as increase risk of infection. For this reason, be sure to avoid alcohol and tobacco for a few weeks before your breast reduction surgery. You should also refrain from tobacco and alcohol after your surgery has been performed.

Run Errands and Prepare Your Home for Healing

In order to avoid stress and rushing around in the aftermath of surgery, be sure to run errands. This means filling prescriptions, buying groceries, doing your laundry, and getting your home ready for the healing process. Doing all of these before surgery will save you a lot of energy after surgery when you should be resting.

Arrange for Transportation on the Day of Your Surgery

Because of the effects of anesthetic, you will not be in any state to operate a vehicle. To ensure your safety, it's a good idea to arrange for transportation to and from the surgical suite. Having a loved one with you on that day is crucial.

Have a Loved One with You for Early Days of Healing

Having the support of a loved one is also important in the first days of healing. Be sure to have a friend or family member with you for the first few days of recovery. Your loved one can help around the home, monitor your condition, and attend to your needs. Your loved one will also be a great source of emotional support during the difficult first days of healing.

What to Do the Night Before Breast Reduction Surgery

The night before breast reduction surgery is a great opportunity to double check that everything is in place for your recovery. You may be given restrictions on eating and drinking the night before breast reduction, so be sure to follow your fasting instructions closely.

What to Do the Day of Breast Reduction Surgery

The morning or breast reduction surgery, be sure to shower and wash thoroughly as directed by your surgeon. Do not put on lotion or perfume, and be sure to avoid wearing any accessories, makeup, or jewelry. Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable to the practice.

Speak with Dr. Gregory T. Mesna

To learn more about breast reduction surgery and how it can help you achieve a more proportionate frame, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon today. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna and his entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and going over all of your treatment options in greater detail.

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