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A topless woman covering her breastsThe team here at Mesna Plastic Surgery has helped countless patients around Minneapolis achieve their aesthetic goals. We've achieved some especially exceptional results thanks to breast augmentation surgery, which boosts the size and improves the shape of the bustline.

Sometimes the issue a woman has with her breasts has less to do with the size of the breasts per se and more to do with the appearance of the nipples and/or the areolas. We'd like to consider the aesthetic issues associated with large areolas right now.

Problems Associated with Large Areolas

When a woman has large areolas, it can lead to a number of issues with self-consciousness and self-confidence. The darker portions of skin can become the predominant feature of a woman's breasts, for instance, which she may find unappealing or less than ideal. This can also make wearing certain kinds of bathing suits or tops an issue if the areolas are particularly large.

Can I Have My Areolas Cosmetically Altered?


The most common way of changing the size and prominence of areolas is to undergo an areola reduction surgery. This procedure will remove portions of the areola through an incision along the outer edges, allowing surgeons to reduce the size and prominence.

While an areola reduction can be performed alone, it can also be performed in combination with other breast enhancement surgeries such as the breast enlargement procedure.

Breast Augmentation and Areola Reduction

When combining an areola reduction with breast augmentation, an incision will be made around the edge of the areola. This will be used to alter its size and also into insert the implants into the breasts in order to enhance the look of the bustline. This type of incision for placing breast implants is known as a periareolar incision.

Ideal Candidates for Combined Breast Enlargement and Areola Reduction

The best candidates for this combining breast implants with areola reduction are women who would like to increase the size of their breasts and also have issues with the prominence of their areolas. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any health conditions that would make the procedure a risky proposition.

It's also important that patients have realistic expectations about scaring. In general, the scar left behind by the surgery blends in well since it is hidden along the edge of the areola. Surgeons work carefully to ensure the results look natural.

Alternatives: Modified Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Surgery

If breast implants aren't ideal for your needs, the areola reduction can also be combined with breast lift surgery or breast reduction surgery. These procedures are typically done in order to address issues with drooping or sagging breasts. Thanks to both lift and reduction options, patients can have firmer and perkier breasts that are more flattering to their figure.

Which Kind of Breast Enhancement Option Is Right for Me?

All options for breast enhancement surgery can be discussed in full detail during a consultation at the practice. During this time, we will be more than happy to go over all risks, benefits, and potential results so you can make the best possible choice when it comes to your body and your appearance.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation and Enhancement

If you would like more information about breast augmentation surgery and how it can help you look your best and feel great as well, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. The team here at Mesna Plastic Surgery looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve all of your aesthetic goals.

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