How to Reduce the Risk of Infection after Plastic Surgery By on December 12, 2014

A toned and well-proportioned female bodyA beautiful, well-proportioned body is something that most desire and few believe they have. It can be difficult to maintain a trim, toned body, especially as the body ages and experiences changes such as weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and nursing. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna knows that diet and exercise alone cannot always help patients achieve their aesthetic goals, so he offers body plastic surgery to improve tone, proportion, and body contour, allowing patients to enhance their physical appearance and boost self-esteem. No matter which form of plastic surgery is performed, an important part of achieving optimal results is ensuring a healthy and uncomplicated recovery. To guide patients through the recovery process, Dr. Mesna gives his patients is Minneapolis care instructions that will help in reducing the risk of infection after plastic surgery.

Avoiding Infection after Surgery

Every surgery involves a degree of risk. The risks of surgery are not just those involved with the actual surgical procedure, but also in how the body will react following surgery. While plastic surgery has proven safe and effective for many patients, there are cases in which complications occur. One of the most common complications of plastic surgery is the development of an infection following surgery. Prior to performing any surgical procedure, Dr. Mesna will discuss the risks of surgery and will also provide explicit post-surgical care instructions. By following these instructions, patients can greatly reduce the risk of infection after plastic surgery. Below are some important reminders regarding proper post-surgical care that will help patients avoid infection:

  • Use antibiotics: Dr. Mesna will prescribe antibiotics to be used following plastic surgery. Even if the patient is feeling fine and there are no signs of infection or other complications, it is important to use antibiotics exactly as prescribed.
  • Keep incision sites clean: Specific instructions will be provided in regards to keeping incision sites clean and changing out surgical bandages. It is extremely important to follow these instructions to prevent a buildup of bacteria at, in, or around the surgical site.
  • Care for surgical drains (if applicable): Not all plastic surgeries will involve the use of surgical drains, but many body contouring procedures do rely on surgical drains to help draw fluid away from the surgical site. It is important to empty these drains as directed, keep record of the amount of fluid that is collected, and clean out the drains as directed. Surgical drains are useful in bringing down swelling and reducing the risk infection.
  • Avoid strenuous activities: Many patients are eager to get back to their regular routines following surgery, but the body needs time to heal. Physical limitations are meant to allow for proper healing and will also prevent an excess amount of strain from being placed on the incision sites. Any undue stress after surgery can prevent the incision from healing properly and may increase the risk of infection. While light activities, such as walking, are encouraged, strenuous activities should be avoided throughout the duration of recovery.

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