The Pros and Cons of Getting Large Breast Implants By on June 21, 2014

A topless woman covers her breastsBreast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular procedures in the world given the impact it can have on a person's overall body contour and appearance. Even a slight increase in cup size can make a major difference. At Mesna Plastic Surgery, we've helped patients throughout the greater Minneapolis area get the look they've always wanted through safe, effective, and carefully planned breast augmentation surgery.

When it comes to planning the procedure, there are many concerns. The size of the breast implants is especially important, but as you're about to find out, large implants aren't always the best choice to make.

The Advantages of Getting Large Breast Implants

The primary advantages of getting large breast implants include:

  • Noticeable increase in breast size
  • Enhanced curvature of the overall figure
  • Improved confidence and sense of self

Many times women will get large breast implants placed rather than slighter smaller-sized implants since the results really are quite dramatic.

The Disadvantages of Getting Large Breast Implants

The primary disadvantages of getting large breast implants include:

  • Results might look unnatural
  • There is such a thing as “too big”
  • Greater risk of potential complications
  • Breast implants may bottom out over time

If you've never heard of “bottoming out” before, this refers to the breast implants sagging below the breast pocket, necessitating corrective surgery to address and revise.

So Bigger Is Not Always Better, But It Can Be

Looking at the advantages and the disadvantages, there's a kind of leveling out that really depends on the needs of the patient. That's why careful surgical planning is crucial for achieving great results and excellent patient satisfaction. There is so much that needs to be kept in mind when tailoring the surgery to the patient, and breast implant size is just one factor.

Body Type Plays a Key Role In the Right Breast Implant Choice

Each patient is different. Some patients have slight frames, others have broader frames, and breast implants that are too large or too small for that person's frame look unnatural and generally do not achieve what the patient wanted. When it comes to picking the right breast implants, overall body contour needs to be kept in mind along with the patient's aesthetic goals.

Other Factors That Affect the Quality of Results

In addition to the patient's frame, there are variations on the implants themselves. Some choices that need to be made in addition to implant size include:

  • Breast implant profile - The amount of forward protrusion of the breasts
  • Breast implant shape - Round or teardrop shaped
  • Breast implant composition - Saline or silicone
  • Breast implant placement - Above the pectoral muscle or below the pectoral muscle

All of these choices will be discussed in more detail when you stop by for a consultation, allowing you to make the most well-informed and empowered decision about your surgery.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Breast Augmentation Surgery

For more information about breast augmentation surgery and what options you need to consider when getting breast implants, it's important that you meet with Dr. Gregory T. Mesna for a consultation. Contact our cosmetic plastic surgery centers today to schedule that visit and learn how to achieve the look you have always wanted.

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