Wearing a Compression Garment after Body Contouring Surgery Is Helpful By on June 15, 2014

A woman admires her own body contoursAfter undergoing any sort of cosmetic surgery procedure, patients are bound to experience side effects. This is a natural part of the healing process. At Mesna Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure that all of our patients in the Minneapolis, Edina, and St. Louis Park area have all of their concerns addressed and have the quickest and safest recovery experience possible. This is particularly true after a patient undergoes a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), a body contouring surgery that improves the appearance of the adominal area. Anything that can be done to improve comfort and healing is ideal.

One question we receive a lot with regard to tummy tuck and other body sculpting surgeries concerns the use of compression garments. We'd like to look at these matters in a little more detail right now.

What is a compression garment?

A compression garment is a special form-fitting undergarment that is worn after a patient undergoes a surgery. A compression garment can be worn following different kinds of surgeries, including the aforementioned tummy tuck as well as breast lift, breast augmentation, and thigh lift surgeries.

Why Compression Garments Are Often Helpful Following Surgery

Compression garments provide support to the skin, muscles, and other affected tissues in the treatment area. Wearing a compression garment also provides a sense of psychological and physical comfort for many patients. Patients often report reduced swelling when they wear a compression garment.

We should note that these compression garment benefits tend to be anecdotal rather than scientific, though research continues with regard to the quantifiable benefits of compression garments after surgery.

Are compression garments comfortable?

Yes. Compression garments are made of blends of spandex and other fabrics that are supportive and breathable. The compression garment is made to hold tissues in place rather than squeeze them, which means offering an ideal level of comfort when worn.

Picking Compression Garments for Your Needs

During your consultation with Dr. Mesna, the use of compression garments as well as other post-operative matters can be discussed in more detail. With regard to sizing of compression garments, it's important to pick a garment that will not squeeze too tight and will be snug yet comfortable around the operated part of the body.

How long will I wear my compression garment?

The amount of time that a patient is instructed to wear his or her compression garment will vary from patient patient based on the surgery and their needs. In many cases, patients tend to wear compression garments for about two weeks, with a secondary compression garment worn for two weeks after that. Since there is no set time, the best option for the patient will be discussed during your consultation.

Are there negative repercussions for not wearing a compression garment?

There are no negative repercussions if a patient decides not to wear a compression garment. If a patient wears a compression garment that is too tight, it can actually increase feelings of discomfort. Again, the benefits of compression garments are anecdotal and scientific research is ongoing.

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