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Minneapolis Silicone Breast ImplantsFor those without a true understanding of breast augmentation surgery, there is a common misconception that everyone who undergoes this procedure will achieve results that look and feel the same. In truth, breast augmentation is one of the most customizable plastic surgery procedures, allowing patients to tailor the look and feel of their breasts to their own unique desires. While there are many decisions that allow this procedure to be personalized, including implant size, implant placement, and incision technique, one of the most important aspects of surgery is implant type. At his plastic surgery practice serving the patients of Minneapolis, silicone breast implants are one of the options for Dr. Gregory T. Mesna’s patients undergoing breast augmentation. Before surgery, Dr. Mesna will discuss the pros and cons of silicone breast implants with his patients so that, together, they can determine which type of breast implant is right for them.

Pros of Silicone Implants

In the past, there were medical concerns regarding silicone breast implants and these implants were even temporarily banned. Because of this, silicone implants continue to be thought of as a health risk by some patients. In fact, there was no proof that silicone breast implants cause any harm or additional safety risks over their saline counterparts. Since silicone implants were re-approved by the FDA in 2006, they have grown in popularity due to the advantages that they offer patients. The largest benefit of silicone implants is that they are extremely close to the natural breast tissue in both look and feel. Many patients feel that silicone implants offer the most natural looking cosmetic enhancements for their breasts. Overall, silicone implants:

  • Feel more like natural breast tissue
  • Give a natural, attractive shape to the breasts
  • Are less likely to fold or ripple

Cons of Silicone Implants

Although silicone implants have now been shown to be safe, there are still patients who prefer saline implants. There are cons of silicone implants that lead patients to make this decision. Silicone implants are pre-filled shells, which can limit the incision options for patients. This also makes it impossible to adjust the size of the implants during the surgical procedure, as can be done with saline implants, which are filled after placement. Additionally, there are concerns with silicone implants and ruptures. While silicone implants are no more likely to rupture or leak than saline implants, it is difficult to notice a leak, which means the silicone may sit in the body for quite some time before a problem is detected. Once a leak or rupture is detected, it is more difficult to clean out and remove a silicone implant than it is a saline implant. Unlike saline, which is safely and naturally absorbed by the body, silicone needs to be removed by a surgeon.

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With the experience and expertise of Dr. Gregory T. Mesna, beautiful and natural results can be achieved using either silicone or saline implants for breast augmentation. The decision is best determined by taking into consideration lifestyle, medical history, aesthetic goals, and personal preference. To learn more about breast augmentation surgery and the decisions that go into each procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mesna at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you!

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