The Traditional Brow Lift Surgery Technique and What Patients Should Know By on April 10, 2014

Brow / Forehead Lift Surgery - Techniques for Facial RejuvenationLooking your best means undergoing the right surgery to address your needs. When you meet with Dr. Mesna, he will be sure to discuss your aesthetic goals with you in full detail and determine how your goals can best be met. You see, a skilled plastic surgeon can help you look and feel years younger, but the end result is ultimately based on communicating your goals to the surgeon and your trust in his or her ability to help you.

One particular plastic surgery procedure that can be quite helpful is the brow lift surgery. We'd like to look at the traditional method of brow lift surgery and then consider some alternatives to it that may be best for you.

About Brow Lift Surgery

Also known as a forehead lift, the brow lift surgery is ideal for addressing lines and furrows on the forehead. The surgery tightens the forehead skin so that you are able to look years younger and have a brow free from worry lines that can leave you looking exhausted or distressed.

Who is an ideal candidate for brow lift surgery?

The ideal candidate for brow lift surgery is a person who is in good overall heath and has issues with lines and wrinkles on the forehead. They should have realistic expectations about the procedure and what it entails, including the method of surgical recovery.

The Traditional Brow Lift Surgery Technique

The traditional brow lift surgery involves a large single incision hidden in the hairline. This incision spans along the scalp from ear to ear and is concealed by the patient's hair. Using this incision, excess skin is removed, underlying structures are adjusted, and the remaining forehead skin is pulled tighter.

Surgical Alternatives to the Traditional Brow Lift

Today, the preferred surgical method for the brow lift tends to be the endoscopic brow lift. During an endoscopic brow lift, small incisions are made along the hairline. Through these incisions, a small camera known as an endoscope is inserted so that the cosmetic surgeon can make minor adjustments to the underlying structures of the forehead. Excess skin is also removed and the remaining skin of the forehead is pulled tighter.

Non-Surgical Alternatives to the Traditional Brow Lift

If a patient is not considered a good candidate for the traditional brow lift or even an endoscopic brow lift, there are non-surgical treatments that can be quite helpful, such as laser skin resurfacing, dermal filler injections, and BOTOX injections.

Weighing All of Your Options

In order to meet your needs as an individual, Dr. Mesna and his team carefully assess your situation and go over all of the options on the table. During your visit to our practice, we will be sure to give you all of the information about your treatment options so that you can make the best choices for you and your needs.

Learn More About Your Facial Plastic Surgery Options

For more information about brow lift surgery and how it can be of great benefit to you and your facial rejuvenation needs, be sure to contact our Minneapolis cosmetic plastic surgery centers today. The entire team here at Mesna Plastic Surgery looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve all of your aesthetic goals and a better sense of self in the process.

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