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Minneapolis Endoscopic Brow LiftEveryone’s body reflects aging differently, but there are a few tell-tale signs of aging that are particularly common. Wrinkles, loose skin, and drooping features often gain prevalence as people get older, most notably in the face. If these effects appear earlier than expected or more noticeably than desired, plastic surgery can temporarily reduce their appearance for years.

While a facelift is often thought of as the stereotypical anti-aging cosmetic procedure, its results are confined to the mid and lower sections of the face. For patients who are primarily concerned with the area above their eyes, a brow lift can provide satisfying results. Furthermore, endoscopic technology allows patients to benefit from a less invasive surgery and shorter recovery. If you would like to gain a more youthful visage and are in the Minneapolis area, consider how an endoscopic brow lift may help you. 

What Is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a procedure in which fat and skin of the forehead can be removed or repositioned, and muscles can be adjusted. As a result, a brow lift can reduce many of the cosmetic problems typically associated with aging, including:

  • A furrowed brow
  • Wrinkles in the forehead and bridge of the nose
  • “Frown lines” between the eyes
  • A sagging brow
  • Upper eyelid hooding (if caused by the brow)

Conventional brow lifts require incisions extended along the hairline, resulting in more scarring and longer recovery times. With the endoscopic technique, a few small incisions are placed behind the hairline, concealing scars and producing similar results with less damage to surrounding tissue. This is made possible through the use of a small camera called an endoscope, which allows the surgeon to perform a brow lift through smaller incisions.     

What Does the Procedure Entail?

A brow lift begins with general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. Over the next one to two hours, the surgery will proceed in the following manner:

  • A few small incisions are made within the hairline, through which the endoscope and surgical tools will be inserted.
  • Excess fat and skin will be removed from the brow, and remaining tissue will be repositioned for a smoother appearance.
  • Muscles will be moved, loosened, or partially removed to release the tension that causes wrinkles and forehead lines.
  • The skin will be pulled upward over the forehead into a tighter position, trimmed, and sutured in place.

A brow lift is performed as an outpatient procedure, but due to the lingering effects of sedation and anesthesia, patients should arrange for transportation home. Once home, patients should rest for the remainder of the day, preferably with a friend or family member present to assist with any necessary tasks.

Recovery After an Endoscopic Brow Lift

After surgery, patients can expect bruising, swelling, and discomfort, as is common with most plastic surgery procedures. Due to the endoscopic technique, these side effects are noticeably lessened, allowing patients to rest easier during recovery and get back to their daily activities sooner. Although minor swelling may not completely disappear until a month or two after surgery, the initial recovery

stage is generally quicker and more comfortable for patients who have undergone endoscopic surgery. On average, patients choose to return to work within one to two weeks, although your individual recovery timeline should be discussed with your doctor.

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