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Minneapolis Liposuction DimplingAs with any body contouring procedure, liposuction carries certain side effects and risks. While liposuction is considered safe and complications are rare, it is important for patients to have accurate expectations of what their treatment may entail.

One such risk of liposuction is the development of skin irregularities in the area of treatment, such as skin dimpling. Luckily, dimpling can be largely avoided or minimized with the right precautions. In the interest of making your liposuction procedure as rewarding as possible, Mesna Plastic Surgery of Minneapolis offers the following information on skin dimpling.

What Is Skin Dimpling?

After liposuction, both the skin and underlying tissue must heal from contouring. In most cases, the subcutaneous fat tissue will settle into place and heal evenly. But in some cases, due to multiple possible factors, remaining fat may be unevenly distributed. As a result, the skin gains a dimpled texture that is reminiscent of cellulite. Although a patient can still benefit from a successful liposuction procedure with enhanced curves, the skin may not appear as smooth as expected or desired.     

Is Skin Dimpling Dangerous?

Fortunately, dimpling presents no health risks or additional complications. The only downside to dimpling is from a cosmetic standpoint, as some patients may be dissatisfied with their skin’s texture. However, the extent of any dimpling varies among patients; whereas some may find it unproblematic or negligible, others may find it detrimental to their long-term satisfaction. Nevertheless, there are steps every patient can take to help prevent skin irregularities, and when such irregularities are present, a variety of treatment methods are available.

How Is Dimpling Caused?

The first step to preventing dimpling is understanding the factors that cause it. Like any plastic surgery, the best way to immediately increase your chances of success is by using an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon. By working with Dr. Mesna, you can rest assured that your surgery will be in skilled and competent hands.

Still, even with an excellent surgeon, some liposuction techniques are more likely to result in dimpling. Take the following factors into consideration before undergoing surgery:

  • Quick fat removal: When fat deposits are removed too quickly and remaining tissue is not finely contoured, patients are more likely to develop skin irregularities. Speak with your doctor about the projected time frame for surgery and how the specific liposuction technique will be performed.
  • Large areas of fat removal: The larger the area of liposuction is, the more difficult it is to contour evenly. Discuss your expectations for treatment and how effectively your doctor can contour the area.
  • Weight gain or loss: When fat is lost or added to an area that has undergone liposuction, it has the potential to alter the area’s contours and thus skin texture.
  • Loose skin: When skin loses elasticity, such as through age, patients have a higher risk of developing skin dimpling.
  • Presence of cellulite: If cellulite is present in an area prior to surgery, the chances of post-surgical dimpling are increased.  

Preventing or Treating Dimpling

In addition to using a skilled surgeon with the right technique, patients can take extra precautions against dimpling on their own. After surgery, patients are advised to keep a stable weight, remain hydrated, and eat a healthy diet that is low in sugar, sodium, trans fats, and overall calories. Once you are permitted to resume exercise, a light exercise routine may also prevent excessive weight gain. Likewise, follow your doctor’s instructions during recovery, including the use of an elastic compression garment.

In the event that skin dimpling or other irregularities do occur, consult your doctor on how to effectively reduce their appearance. Possible treatments include:

  • Massage
  • Ultrasound energy treatment
  • Radiofrequency energy treatment
  • Laser skin tightening
  • Surgical skin tightening
  • Fat injections

The best treatment will always be the one your doctor is most comfortable with, and one that is determined to be most appropriate for you.     

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

Whether you’d like more information on our liposuction techniques or are concerned with a recent surgery, we are happy to address all of your cosmetic needs. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mesna to learn how we can help you look and feel your best.

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