Breast Implant Revision for Symmastia By on February 03, 2014

Breast Implant Revision for SymmastiaOne of the best ways for women to enhance their curves and look their very best is to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Even just a slight increase in breast size or change in breast shape can have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance. It's one of the reasons that breast augmentation is one of the most popular and well-known surgeries in the world.

The team at our plastic surgery center would like to take a moment right now to consider one breast augmentation complication that you may not be aware of: symmastia. After covering that in brief terms, we'll look at treatment options/surgical revision for symmastia.

About Breast Augmentation Surgery

First some basics about breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation involves the placement of breast implants in order to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts.

What is symmastia?

Symmastia is a breast augmentation complication that involves the breast implants merging in the middle of the chest. The condition is sometimes referred to as "uniboob" or "bread loafing" given the unfortunate appearance of the chest area and the breasts.

What causes symmastia?

Symmastia is caused by the tissues of the chest pushing the breast implants closer together toward the sternum. This may be the result of the pressure of the pectoral muscles on the breast implants, or it may be the result of breast implants that are too large being pushed by the various glandular and connective tissues in the chest area itself.

Is symmastia common after breast augmentation surgery?

Symmastia is a rare complication following breast augmentation. While rare, it is more common in patients who undergo submuscular breast augmentation (breast implants placed under the pectoral muscle) than patients who undergo subglandular breast augmentation (breast implants placed above the pectoral muscle). Women with chest wall abnormalities may be more prone to symmastia occurring as well.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery for Symmastia

There are various ways for symmastia to be addressed depending on the placement of the breast implants. The exact solution will be discussed during your consultation.

If symmastia occurs in a patient who underwent subglandular breast augmentation surgery, the revision will involve the removal of the old breast implants so that new breast implants can be placed submuscularly instead.

If symmastia occurs in a patient who underwent submuscular breast augmentation surgery, the revision will either involve the repair of the existing breast pocket (the area in which the breast implant is placed) or the creation of a new breast pocket between the previous pocket and the pectoral muscles.

Are there ways to prevent symmastia?

The best way of avoiding symmastia is picking a skilled, well-trained surgeon to perform your initial breast augmentation surgery. A surgeon with years of experience will consider the placement of the breast implants, the size of the breast implants relative to the patient's frame, the chest wall of the patient, and other factors. By proper preparation and pre-planning for the surgery, we'll be able to prevent this unfortunate complication.

Learn More About Breast Implants

For more information about breast augmentation surgery and your many options available for enhancing your curves, be sure to contact our plastic surgery centers serving Minneapolis today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve excellent overall results.

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