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Breast Implant ProfilesSo, you’re thinking about augmenting your breasts through breast implant plastic surgery - have you discussed different types of breast implants with your plastic surgeon? The most common consideration is whether you will choose saline or silicone, but that is not the only variation in breast implants that must be considered. There are also several types of breast implant profiles, which each one best suiting a different look and body type. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna at Mesna Plastic Surgery works with all types of breast implant profiles at his Minneapolis practice.

What Are the Different Types of Breast Implant Profiles?

If you are attempting to make your own decision between different types of breast implants, one of the first things to know is the difference between the various types of breast implant profiles. But first, you must understand what the term “breast implant profile” means.

In terms of breast implants, the “profile” indicates the amount that an implant projects outward from its base against the chest wall. Different breast implant profiles project outward at different rates, giving patients a different silhouette:

  • High Profile Implants - High profile implants have a higher front projection with a smaller base diameter compared to other breast implant profiles.
  • Moderate or Standard Profile Implants - Moderate profile implants, also commonly referred to as standard profile implants, have a slightly wider base diameter compared to high profile implants, with a somewhat smaller front projection. These are called standard because they are the most commonly used breast implant profile type, as they are the most universally flattering to a wide range of women.
  • Moderate Plus Profile Implants - Moderate Plus is a specialized profile of saline and silicone gel breast implants, manufactured solely by Mentor Worldwide, LLC. These implants have a profile that falls just between the high profile implant and the “standard” model of moderate profile implant.
  • Low Profile Implants - Low profile implants offer the widest base diameter, along with the lowest amount of projection outward from the chest wall compared to other types of breast implants.

Why Should I Choose One Breast Implant Profile Type Over Another?

Every candidate for breast augmentation surgery has a vision of the silhouette she hopes to achieve, and that usually includes a desired size and shape. How does the breast implant profile fit into this equation?

In fact, the profile of a breast implant has a significant impact on a procedure’s finished look. Each different profile type lies differently against the chest wall, and is meant to complement women with different body structures. The high profile breast implant, for example, is best suited to a woman with a narrow breast base, while the low profile implant type is made with a wider breast base in mind. Falling in the middle, the standard moderate profile breast implant is meant to flatter a wider range of figures. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon can help you decide on the best profile type for your body.

Contact Us for More Information on Breast Implant Surgery

Now you have a better idea of the breast implant choices that are out there - but an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to best assess the best breast implant profile for your body type. Contact the office of Mesna Plastic Surgery to discuss your options and take the next step toward your breast augmentation procedure today.

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