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breast lift, mastopexy, breast enhancement, body contouringHaving a bustline that's firm and well contoured is a great way to look your best and your youngest. This is not always easy, however. There are a number of different factors that cause the breasts to droop and sag over time. In order to revise this body contouring issue, patients can visit our plastic surgery center in Minneapolis to undergo an advanced sculpting surgery known as a breast lift. Let's take a moment right now to look at the basics of the breast lift surgery and what it entails.

About Breast Lift Surgery

Also known as a mastopexy, a breast lift surgery is performed in order to improve the perkiness and firmness of breasts that droop or sag. During the breast lift surgery, incisions will be made around the breast area. Using these incisions, a surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue in order to achieve a firmer breast contour. The breast lift and enhancement surgery is similar in some ways to breast reduction surgery, which also achieves its ends through the careful removal of tissue.

Below are just a few compelling reasons why a woman may consider breast lift surgery.

Addressing Sagging from Advanced Age

As a woman grows older, the breasts are likely to sag as a part of the natural aging process. This is particularly true of women who have naturally large breasts. By undergoing a breast lift surgery, the overall appearance of the breasts will be enhanced a great deal.

Addressing Sagging After Major Weight Loss

After losing a lot of weight, the body goes through a number of changes regarding body shape and contour. There is often a lot of loose skin to deal with, especially around the abdominal area. The breasts can be affected by major weight loss as well. Breast lift surgery, combined with other body sculpting treatments, can give you a body contour that is free from excess skin.

Combined Breast Lift and Augmentation Surgery

In some cases, breast lift surgery is combined with Minneapolis breast augmentation. This means that the breasts undergo a lift while also getting a boost in volume thanks to the use of breast implants. This is not ideal for all patients, though it may help certain patients achieve their aesthetic goals better than breast lift alone.

Other Concerns for Candidacy

The ideal candidates for breast lift surgery should be in generally good health and not suffer from any sort of medical condition that may make surgery a risky proposition. It's also important that candidates have realistic expectations about the surgery and what it can achieve. During your visit to our cosmetic plastic surgery practice serving Minneapolis, we will assess if you are a good candidate for this breast enhancement surgery.

Schedule a Consultation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

If you would like more information about breast lift surgery as well as your many other options for aesthetic enhancement, we encourage you to contact our Edina, MN cosmetic surgery center today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible aesthetic results.

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