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Edina Plastic Surgery and TeensOver the last several years, there has been a significant up-tick in the number of cosmetic procedures teens are choosing to undergo. Edina plastic surgeon Gregory T Mesna offers a range of cosmetic enhancement and restorative procedures for teens, all of which can augment self-esteem and help a patient to feel confident in his or her own skin.

Surgical Procedures

Our doctor requires a guardian’s consent for patients who are under the age of eighteen and interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery. In Edina, teens most commonly undergo the following plastic surgery procedures:  

  • Rhinoplasty: Among our teenage patients in Edina, rhinoplasty is the most requested procedure. Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as nose reshaping surgery, is designed to recontour the nose, improve the nasal function, and soften a patient’s facial profile. In order to qualify for treatment, a patient’s nose does not have to be fully developed, but it must have completed 90 percent of its growth.
  • Otoplasty: Also known as ear reshaping surgery, otoplasty can correct the formation of the ear and the look of the structure. By modifying the size, shape, or position of your child’s ears, he or she may be spared from years of teasing. Ear reshaping surgery is usually performed on a child once his or her ears are fully developed.
  • Breast Surgery: Breast surgery can redefine the shape, size, and symmetry of the breasts. Making even the slightest alteration to the design of your breast can change the way you view your body. Breast reduction surgery is generally performed on patients who have very large breasts. The heavy weight of breast tissue can result in severe back and shoulder pain. The size of a girl’s breasts may even restrict her from participating in physical activities. Excessive breast development, especially in boys, can result in significant psychological, emotional, and social problems. Dr. Mesna can remove breast tissue by making a discreet incision around the areola, which will help a patient achieve a more masculine chest.

Non-surgical Procedures

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures can significantly improve the appearance and quality of a patient’s skin. By removing scars created by acne, smoothing the skin’s surface using chemical peels, removing unwanted hair from multiple regions of the body, or implementing skin care regimens that amplify the cleanliness of the skin, our team can dramatically alter the aesthetic of the skin and stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin cells. Non-surgical enhancement procedures may need to be performed multiple times, in order for a patient to truly see satisfying results. Additionally, over time, patients may need to undergo multiple non-surgical treatments to maintain their cosmetic goals.

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Our goal is provide superior surgical and non-surgical care to Edina teens who are interested in enhancing their physical appearances and emotional well-beings. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna is a skilled, compassionate, artistic surgeon who is committed to helping patients feel more confident about their bodies. To learn more about the revolutionary, safe, and effective procedures that we provide, contact us today

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