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Otoplasty in ChildrenIt’s not unusual for people to feel self-conscious about their appearance. That’s just something common to human experience. Kids can be especially blunt about differences in appearance since they haven’t developed the right social skills early in life. When children mock other children for their appearance, it can be very cruel. One facial feature that kids usually notice is big ears, which a lot of children have. That might be why many parents come with their children to our plastic surgery center in Minneapolis in search of a solution. There is a safe surgical procedure to consider called otoplasty.

The Problem with Prominent Ears

When the ears are very large or prominent, they can stick out from a person’s head in a pronounced way. This usually means lots of teasing and mockery, though that’s especially true with young children. Many kids have yet to learn manners and how to get along with others without hurting anyone’s feelings. Sometimes this mocking and teasing can take its toll on child, leaving them with low self-esteem.

Otoplasty Surgery

Also known as ear pinning and cosmetic ear surgery, otoplasty is a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure that will help alter the appearance of the ears. It’s been performed on both adults and children who’ve visited our cosmetic surgery center serving Minneapolis.

Is otoplasty common for children?

Otoplasty is a common procedure for children. Since it only affects the ears, it’s one of the few facial plastic surgery procedures we’d consider performing on a minor.

The Otoplasty Procedure

There are different ways that an otoplasty can be performed, though most of them involve the same general steps. Patients will be placed under general anesthetic so they do not feel any pain. An incision will be made behind the ear, usually where the ear meets the cranium. Through this incision, the surgeon will removed and reshape the cartilage so that the ear is less prominent. If the ears stick out, then excess skin from the back of the ear area will be removed.

Is the surgery right for you child?

This is something that really depends on your child and his or her wishes. Some children may not find the procedure necessary while others do. In any case, we often perform the surgery on children who are between the ages of 4 to 14. We do not perform otoplasty on children younger than 4 years old because their ears are still growing.

Other Options for Facial Plastic Surgery

While otoplasty is one of the few surgeries we consider performing on minors, there are plenty of options for facial rejuvenation out there for adults. If you are interested in a Minneapolis facelift or other anti-aging and wrinkle-reduction procedures, we’d be more than happy to talk about these with you in person.

Learn More About Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

For more information about otoplasty and how it can benefit you or a member of your family, be sure to contact our Edina, MN cosmetic surgery center today. When you visit our practice, we will be sure to discuss all of your options in full detail so you understand what is involved.

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