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Minneapolis Rhinoplasty RisksRhinoplasty, commonly called nose surgery, is a procedure used to improve the proportions of your nose by surgically altering its shape. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, you may have been considering rhinoplasty. Like all surgeries, rhinoplasty has risks and benefits. We welcome you to schedule a consultation with Minneapolis plastic surgeon, Gregory T. Mesna to discuss your personal risks and benefits. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of the most common risks and benefits of plastic surgery.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

The rhinoplasty procedure involves incisions being made in discreet locations, like the sides of the nostrils, to minimize the appearance of scarring. During rhinoplasty surgery the bone, the cartilage, or both can be altered to improve the shape of the nose.  A splint is generally applied following surgery to protect the nose. Candidates for rhinoplasty surgery should be in good health and have a desire to alter the appearance of their nose.

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has many benefits. The procedure can be used to shorten or lengthen the nose, refine the tip, and improve the overall shape. Some of the benefits patients experience from rhinoplasty includes:

  • Straightened Bridge: Nose surgery can be used to straighten the bridge of the nose and improve facial appearance.
  • Improved Proportions: Altering the shape of the nose will bring balance to your appearance.
  • Correct Injury: Rhinoplasty can correct damage caused by injury to the nose, such as a crooked bridge.
  • Improve Breathing: Breathing difficulties caused by problems within the nasal cavity can be repaired with rhinoplasty.
  • Increased Confidence: Many who have undergone rhinoplasty experience increased confidence from finally having the nose of their dreams.

The Risks of Rhinoplasty

All surgeries carry some risks. Here are some possible risks to be aware of after rhinoplasty:

  • Infection: As with all surgeries, there is a possibility of infection occurring following the rhinoplasty procedure. You can reduce your risk by following your doctor's instructions on proper cleaning and caring for your nose during the healing process.
  • Nosebleeds: Recurring nosebleeds sometimes are a result of rhinoplasty.
  • Scarring: Though precautions are taken to minimize scarring, it is possible that scarring may occur after the rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Trouble Breathing Through the Nose: Breathing through the nose following rhinoplasty surgery may be difficult as the nose heals.
  • Pain and Swelling: Following surgery, it is common to experience pain and some swelling. Pain and swelling will gradually reduce over the next two to three weeks. In rare cases, minor swelling may persist for six months.
  • Numbness Around the Nose: Some patients experience numbness around and within the nose; this gradually fades away as the nose heals.

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