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Edina Neck Lift SurgeryLoose skin that hangs from the neck can make you feel and look older beyond your years. Unfortunately, saggy skin and excess fat around the neck are virtually impossible to lose once it develops. Luckily, neck lift surgery provides an effective solution to ridding you of that extra, saggy skin. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna, a leading Edina plastic surgeon, offers neck lift surgery and liposuction to patients that want to rejuvenate the appearance of the neck. Read on to learn about these procedures and how they can improve your appearance.

What Is the Neck Lift Procedure?

The length of time to perform the combined neck lift depends on your own personal needs but typically lasts two to four hours. Your treatment plan may involve one or more of the following procedures: 

  • Cervicoplasty: Cervicoplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin.
  • Platysmaplasty: Platysmaplasty is performed to tighten the neck muscles, known as the platysma.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction may be performed to remove excess fat in the neck region.

What Issues Can A Neck Lift Improve?

A neck lift addresses many of the common issues most of us have with our necks. A neck with excess fat, excess skin, and the dreaded “turkey wattle” are the main reasons for needing surgical intervention and can all be fixed with the neck lift procedure. Here is an overview of how the procedures used during a neck lift can improve the look of your neck.

  • Excess Skin: Excess skin on the neck may develop as we age. It can also be a problem for people who have lost a significant amount of weight. Excess skin in the neck area can make us look older than our actual years. During cervicoplasty, excess neck skin is removed. To perform this procedure, small incisions are made and the skin is tightened and re-draped. Excess skin is trimmed and the remaining skin is stitched into place.
  • Excess Neck Fat: Extra fat in the neck area is nearly impossible to exercise away. Essentially, the only option to remove neck fat is through liposuction. During liposuction, a small incision is made beneath the chin. A small suction device is then inserted and the fat is removed. For some, liposuction may be all that is necessary to improve the neck's appearance. 
  • “Turkey Wattle” or Loose Muscle: The number one reason for a neck lift just might be the dreaded “turkey wattle.” This condition is actually a result of weakened or loose neck muscles. Platysmaplasty is often performed to correct this issue. This procedure is performed by creating discreet incisions behind the ears and beneath the chin. The neck muscle is tightened and adjusted to the proper shape and sutured in place.

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A neck lift is just one way to regain your youthful appearance and self-esteem. For our patients in Edina, facelift surgery combined with a neck lift take years off the appearance and restore their confidence. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mesna today for your personal consultation.

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