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Minneapolis Breast Augmentation ScarsFor our patients in Minneapolis, breast augmentation scars are a major concern. Patients want to achieve the feminine contours of their dreams, but do not want their new curves to be marred by scars. Unfortunately, any surgery will result in some amount of scarring. This holds true even for cosmetic surgery procedures. However, the vast majority of patients who undergo breast augmentation express that the enhancements in the shape and size of their breasts make up for any scarring that resulted from their breast augmentation surgery.

Because of advancements in breast augmentation surgical techniques, breast implants can now be placed through smaller incisions than ever before. These smaller incisions result in less visible scarring and faster healing for the patient. Another way that Minneapolis plastic surgeon Gregory T. Mesna minimizes scarring after breast augmentation is by making discreet incisions. As a result of these new advanced surgical techniques, most patients experience a minimal amount of scarring after their breast augmentation. Even so, some patients still feel self-conscious of their appearance because of scarring. Fortunately, there are simple ways to reduce the appearance of scars after surgery.

How to Reduce Scars after Breast Augmentation

It is vital that patients considering surgery of any kind be aware that scarring will result and is permanent. With that being said, most scars will flatten and fade over time. Fortunately, for our patients in Minneapolis, breast augmentation scars can be improved by following these simple steps:

  • Post-operative care: If patients do not follow their post-operative instructions, more extensive scarring may result. By diligently following post-operative instructions, you promote proper healing after surgery, which helps minimize the appearance of scarring.
  • Taking vitamin E: Vitamin E is believed to reduce scar tissue that forms around the breast implant. The correct dosage for your unique needs will be determined after surgery.
  • Massage: To help improve circulation to scarred skin after breast augmentation, we recommend massaging the scars daily. Daily massage of scars helps to soften the scar tissue, which may result in a less noticeable looking scar.
  • Pressure bandages: Wearing pressure bandages may help flatten scars after breast augmentation. A downside of pressure bandages is that they must be worn every single day, and results may not be seen for months.
  • Realistic expectations: Having realistic expectations is especially important after breast augmentation. Scars resulting from breast augmentation will gradually fade over time, but will start out pink and firm. This can be distressing for patients who do not have realistic expectations of what to expect during the healing phase.
  • Cortisone cream: Cortisone cream may be applied to help soften the scar. By softening the scar, it may shrink in size. Patients should not use cortisone cream until their wounds have healed.
  • Silicone banding or sheeting: Silicone bandages or sheeting may be used to reduce the thickness of scars.
  • Scarguard®: Scarguard® is an incredibly popular and highly recommended scar treatment that combines silicone, cortisone, and vitamin E into a single product.

Learn More about Scar Reduction after Breast Augmentation

To learn more about how to reduce scars after breast augmentation, or to schedule a personal consultation, please contact Mesna Plastic Surgery today.

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