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Even though ears are not typically the most noticeable feature, overly large, protruding, or misshapen ears are not only noticeable, they can become the most prominent aspect of your appearance. Whether you or your child suffers from large or misshapen ears, you know how this condition can impact your confidence. Fortunately, Dr. Gregory Mesna offers otoplasty at our Minneapolis clinic. This procedure, also known as ear pinning, can reshape and reposition the ears, resulting in a greatly improved appearance. Though Dr. Mesna does not typically recommend cosmetic surgery for children, otoplasty is actually ideal for younger patients who are at least five years old. During a private consultation, Dr. Mesna can answer all of your questions about otoplasty and help decide if the procedure is right for you.

Otoplasty describes the surgical flattening of ears that stick out noticeably far from the face. Otoplasty is one of few plastic surgeries that can be performed on children, usually grade-school age. 

Evaluation & Candidacy

During a consultation, Dr. Mesna reviews medical records and evaluates the shape and size of a patient’s ears. He also discusses the expected outcome for the procedure and determines whether a patient is a good candidate for otoplasty. The surgery can treat a number of conditions, including:

  • Protruding ears
  • Disproportionate, overly large ears
  • Misshapen ears
  • Underdeveloped or overdeveloped ear cartilage

Good candidates should typically be at least five years old, and ear growth and development should be complete. Younger patients should also be able to follow direction and should have strong communication skills.

The Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty surgery is performed under sedation. Dr. Mesna may recommend local anesthesia, and for younger patients he may recommend general anesthesia. Although the procedure varies from patient to patient, ear pinning is the most commonly performed aspect of otoplasty. To pin the ears, Dr. Mesna creates an incision behind each ear, typically hidden in the fold where the ear meets the head. Through this incision, he removes or folds over excess cartilage, carefully pinning or suturing the tissue to reposition the ear closer to the side of the head.

For patients with underdeveloped ear cartilage, Dr. Mesna may perform a tissue graft, resulting in larger, more proportionate ears.  To ensure symmetry and a more pleasing appearance, the doctor typically performs otoplasty on both ears.

Adults who choose otoplasty may undergo one or more additional procedures, such as brow lift or blepharoplasty, at the same for a more comprehensive makeover. 

Healing & Aftercare

Following otoplasty, patients should sleep with their head elevated to alleviate any swelling and promote healing. Minor discomfort can typically be controlled with oral medication. Patients will wear a bandage around the ears, and about a week after the procedure, return to our office to have the stitches removed. The results of otoplasty will be apparent as soon as Dr. Mesna removes the bandage. Once recovery is complete, patients will have more proportionate, less prominent, and more evenly shaped ears.

Schedule a Consultation for More Information

As a parent, you want to shield your child from teasing, and as an adult you are just as susceptible to embarrassment. If you have large or protruding ears and would like to enhance your satisfaction in your appearance, contact Mesna Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mesna will be happy to answer your questions and help decide if otoplasty is the right solution for you. 

Dr. Gregory T. Mesna

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