Endoscopic Face Lift: Advanced Rejuvenation

An endoscopic face lift performed by Minneapolis plastic surgeon Greg Mesna is a less invasive alternative to a full face lift. Sometimes called “scarless” surgery, this procedure uses very small incisions and a special device called an endoscope. Compared to traditional face lift surgery, it is highly focused and far less extensive, making it particularly suited to those whose problem areas are limited to a few specific regions of the face. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Dr. Mesna can accomplish dramatic results with this advanced cosmetic procedure.

The Procedure

An endoscope is a thin, flexible tube fitted with a tiny camera and a bright light. When it is inserted through a small incision, it magnifies the transmitted images of the body’s internal structures on a viewing screen. If your consultation with Dr. Mesna determines that an endoscopic face lift is the right procedure for you, he will perform the surgery by making small, minimal incisions strategically placed to be virtually invisible once they have healed. He will insert the endoscope below the skin. Small surgical instruments will be inserted through the other incisions. These are used to remove excess fatty tissue and to reshape facial muscles and tissue that have begun to sag. The technique can be used to soften smile lines, reduce hollowness under the eyes, elevate the corners of the lips, and restore fullness to the cheeks for a refreshed appearance.

Candidacy for Endoscopic Face Lift

woman with beautiful faceThe best candidates for an endoscopic face lift are patients who:

  • Wish to correct the effects of excess fatty tissue and facial muscles that have begun to sag
  • Have sagging cheeks, visible lines around the nose, and downturned lips
  • Do not have large amounts of sagging skin (like significant jowls)

The best candidates still have somewhat supple skin and are in their thirties, forties, or fifties. It is also important for prospective patients to have a realistic understanding of what an endoscopic face lift can achieve. The results are not as dramatic as a traditional face lift. However, it can achieve enhancements in the brow and cheek region that are more difficult to achieve with a traditional facelift. Dr. Mesna will work closely with you during the consultation to determine the best procedure to address your areas of concern and help you achieve your personal aesthetic goals.


The greatest benefits of an endoscopic facelift are that the patient is left with minimal or no scarring, and complications are reduced because of its less invasive nature. Because it involves only a few very small incisions, an endoscopic face lift tends to result in less bleeding and swelling, and requires fewer stitches than a conventional face lift. For these and other reasons, the recovery period following endoscopic surgery is often shorter and more convenient than similar cosmetic surgery.

In addition, an endoscopic face lift allows patients to improve areas that are difficult to treat with more conventional face lift procedures such as a lower face lift or a mid face lift. Because the incisions are so small, they allow much greater flexibility regarding where surgical instruments may be used. This makes it easier to refine even traditionally hard-to-reach areas, such as creases around the nose and mouth. An endoscopic face lift can also involve less time, money, and stress than traditional cosmetic surgery.

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Dr. Mesna is dedicated to enhancing his patients' appearance without sacrificing the character of their natural features. Contact us today to learn how an endoscopic face lift can help you look as young as you feel. 

Dr. Gregory T. Mesna

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