Important Factors to Consider in Breast Implants Cost

If you are thinking about choosing breast implants to enhance your figure, the cost of your treatment should be an important factor in your decision. Although total treatment cost will vary based on your unique needs, goals, and other specifics, major factors include your surgeon's fees, whether you choose saline or silicone, and if you combine your augmentation with another procedure. Here at Mesna Plastic Surgery, we take great care to advise women on how to choose the right treatment options to meet their needs. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna can discuss breast implants cost and design a custom treatment plan with you at his practice in Minneapolis, MN.

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Several factors shape the total cost of breast augmentation surgery.

How Most Plastic Surgery Practices Determine Pricing

The skill and experience of the doctor, or doctors, at any given practice largely shape breast implants cost, as well as the cost of any anesthesia and technology or tools used throughout treatment. Other general considerations include:

Implant Type

Breast implant type, shape, and size varies, and these factors need to be carefully considered by both the patient and the doctor to ensure positive results. Saline implants generally cost less than silicone. More importantly, however, women should learn how each material offers unique benefits. Various manufacturers also feature different pricing scales for their products.

Pre- and Post-Operative Care

Patients need to consider the cost of both pre-operative and follow-up checkups. Additional costs include medication and surgical garments that are necessary to ensure proper contouring. 

Additional Surgical Treatments

Breast lift surgery is often recommended for a large portion of patients considering breast implants. Since implants can only add volume, not address sagging, combining the two may be necessary to achieve optimal results. 

The Importance of High-Quality Surgical Care

Considering the significant impact breast implants can have on the lives of our patients, we always encourage women to consider treatment as an investment. Choosing cheap or low-quality care from an inexperienced doctor often produces unsatisfactory results, and may end up costing more if revisional surgery is needed.

Considering the significant impact breast implants can have on the lives of our patients, we always encourage women to consider treatment as an investment. 

Dr. Mesna is an accomplished plastic surgeon who has been helping women choose breast implants that complement their unique figures since 1996. He offers the full scope of breast surgery procedures available today, and works closely with each patient to design a customized treatment plan. As a full-service practice, we can deliver cost-effective treatment all in one place, pairing excellent service with competitive pricing.

Flexible Financing is Available

Breast implants are not covered by insurance, except in cases of breast reconstruction surgery. We believe each of our patients deserves access to high-quality care, regardless of budget. Financing with Med Loan Finance and Prosper Healthcare Lending can break up the total cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments.

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Dr. Gregory T. Mesna

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