A Mommy Makeover Can Help You Regain Your Figure

Rewarding as it is, pregnancy can leave a lasting physical imprint on a woman's body. During pregnancy, weight gain, hormones, and other factors stretch and reshape your figure, and these changes which may not be reversible after childbirth. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna is a skilled plastic surgeon offering mommy makeover procedures at our Minneapolis, MN, surgery centers. A mommy makeover is an individualized treatment plan that can combine any number of surgeries to address your unique aesthetic goals.

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A mommy makeover can help you achieve the thinner, more defined contours you enjoyed before pregnancy.

How Pregnancy Affects Your Body

To make room for a baby to grow, a woman's skin and abdominal muscles stretch during pregnancy. While some women find that their skin easily rebounds to its pre-baby shape, other women find this skin sags, and is resistant to the effects of exercise and diet. Women who gain excess weight during pregnancy, or become pregnant with their second or third child, may have even more difficulty toning skin and its underlying tissues after they give birth.

When the abdominal skin stretches, it is not unusual for pregnant women to develop stretch marks. These marks may go away after the weight is lost, or they may not. Even if a woman does not experience significant weight gain during pregnancy, stretch marks may occur. 

During pregnancy, a women's breasts also fill with milk, which stretches the surrounding skin and may cause stretch marks, much like marks on the abdomen. Once a woman stops producing milk, her breasts may lose more volume or sag even more than before she became pregnant.

Contouring Options

If you are experiencing sagging, fat retention, uneven contouring, or breasts that have lost a significant amount of volume following child birth, Dr. Mesna has options for you.


Liposuction involves the surgical removal of fat cells that do not respond to exercise and dietary changes. Many new moms include liposuction in their mommy makeovers to help smooth and slim hard-to-tone areas. Liposuction can be performed nearly anywhere on the body, including the legs, abdomen, back, and arms.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is a great rejuvenating treatment option for women whose breasts have lost their perky shape. During breast lift surgery, Dr. Mesna can remove and reposition skin tissue, creating a more youthful shape. Some patients may also combine breast augmentation with a breast lift to add or restore volume.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery can remove excess skin from the abdomen. During the procedure, Dr. Mesna can tighten underlying muscles and other tissues in the abdomen, at the same time that he removes excess, sagging skin. Once healing is complete, patients can achieve a smoother, more toned midsection. Tummy tuck surgery can also remove some stretch marks from the abdominal skin.

Cellulite Removal

Liposuction alone has not been shown to remove or improve the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is not caused by the presence of fat alone, but can be removed with the exciting Cellulaze™ cosmetic treatment. It is important to seek treatment from an experienced and skilled surgeon who understands how to safely and effectively remove cellulite.

Lower Body Lift

Pregnancy can also cause women to gain extra weight and produce sagging skin on the thighs, buttocks, and bikini line, which can be addressed with a lower body lift as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover. For women seeking to enhance their buttocks for a more pronounced figure, Dr. Mesna can perform a Brazilian butt lift for a naturally rejuvenated appearance. Incision scars for lower body lifts can typically be hidden along the bikini line or along the inner thigh.

Non-surgical Treatments

While surgical mommy makeover procedures provide the most dramatic physical results, we are happy to offer several non-surgical services at Mesna Plastic Surgery. These treatments, including injectable wrinkle-reduction and laser skin resurfacing, can help a woman feel beautiful, refreshed, and more youthful in just one short visit to our office.

Recovering From a Mommy Makeover

The recovery period after a mommy makeover will vary based on a variety of factors including the procedures performed and the extensiveness of the surgery. Those undergoing simple, non-surgical treatment can usually go right back to work on the same day as their visit with us. For less intensive treatments such as liposuction, patients may only need one to two weeks of downtime and four more weeks for a full recovery. The majority of patients who combine their liposuction and cellulite removal with body contouring will need to take at least two to three weeks to recover, slowly returning to work and strenuous activities. Extensive treatments such as a lower body lift and tummy tuck can require at least two weeks of downtime and six weeks or more of limited activity.

After body contouring procedures, you will need to wear compression garments for several weeks to improve circulation and improve your healing. If you have drains placed during surgery you will need to clean and empty these daily in addition to caring for your incision sites. You may want to have a family member or loved one around to help you complete daily tasks, especially after more intensive surgical procedures. Dr. Mesna will schedule several follow-up visits to monitor your healing progress, during which he will give you detailed information and set expectations for your full recovery.

Ideal Candidates

Any woman with the desire to reclaim her figure following pregnancy can be a candidate for combined treatments in a mommy makeover. It is important that all women considering surgical treatments are in generally good health, and that they are prepared for the time and resources it will take to recover. Smoking and consuming large amounts of alcohol must also be avoided prior to surgery and during recovery in order to prevent delays in healing.

If you are looking to achieve the slimmer, more contoured silhouette you had before pregnancy, a mommy makeover may be right for you. 

Allergies and sensitivities to medication, particularly sedatives, will be discussed with Dr. Mesna before treatment is planned. Adverse reactions to sedatives sometimes indicate a variety of heart conditions, many of which can make it unsafe to undergo surgery. It is also important that patients can maintain a steady weight before their mommy makeover. Any future weight fluctuations can limit the success of treatment and undo the effects of surgery.

Regain Your Figure

If you are looking to achieve the slimmer, more contoured silhouette you had before pregnancy, a mommy makeover may be right for you. To learn more about Mesna Plastic Surgery and our customized treatment plans, contact us online today or call (952) 927-4556 to schedule a consultation. During your visit we can take the time to answer your questions and review the estimated cost of treatment.

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