Reduce Cellulite and Feel Confident with Cellulaze™

Cellulaze™ is the first surgical treatment available specifically for cellulite. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna uses Cellulaze™ to reduce the dimples and bumps that cellulite causes on different areas of the body - most commonly, the thighs and buttocks. This treatment smooths and tightens skin, and reduces bulging pockets of fat that form between connective tissues within the skin. Patients of all shapes and sizes struggle with cellulite. Dr. Mesna is happy to offer this new solution to help patients feel confident about their appearance. To learn more about Cellulaze™, contact our Minneapolis office today.

The Cellulaze™ Procedure

Cellulaze™ destroys the structures beneath your skin that cause cellulite. Before you undergo surgery, Dr. Mesna will carefully explain the procedure to you.

The Cellulaze™ procedure usually takes about one to two hours to complete, and anesthesia is provided to maintain your comfort. Dr. Mesna inserts a cannula containing the SideLaze3D™ laser fiber through a few small incisions in the targeted areas. The laser is positioned in the subcutaneous layer of fat cells beneath the dermal layer of your skin. Next, three important steps take place:

  • Dissolution of Fibrous Septae: Fibrous septae are thread-like bands that connect the layers surrounding your subcutaneous fat. The dissolution of these fibers reduces the dimpled appearance caused by cellulite.
  • Reduction of Fat Pockets: The SideLaze3D™ can also target fat cells that collect and cause bulges between fibrous septae. By liquefying some of these fat cells, Dr. Mesna smooths out these bulges.
  • Tissue Tightening: Once the pockets of fat have been reduced and the fibrous septae within them have been disconnected, the SideLaze3D™ energizes the hypodermal junction, or top layer of your skin, to thicken it and increase its elasticity.

After Cellulaze™

woman in white leotardAt the end of your Cellulaze™ treatment, Dr. Mesna will gently squeeze out the liquefied fat and close your incisions. You will experience some bruising and possible discomfort after surgery, and may have some fluid drainage from your incision sites. Dr. Mesna may recommend that you wear a compression garment.

Patients can return to work within a few days following surgery, and can resume regular physical activity and exercise after a few weeks. Some patients will see results immediately after surgery, which can continue to improve during the next three to 12 months. Dr. Mesna will have follow-up appointments with you to evaluate your progress and make certain you are healing properly.

Cellulaze™ Candidates

Cellulaze™ is a great treatment for most patients with cellulite. It is not intended to help patients lose a substantial amount of fat, although many patients will see some slimming effects. Cellulaze™ is primarily used for female patients, as cellulite develops most frequently in women. As with any surgery, candidates for Cellulaze™ should be in good general health. This treatment is often combined with other procedures such as liposuction for more dramatic results. 

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