Sometimes, no matter how much we work out or put ourselves through strict diets, there are some parts of our body where we just can’t lose fat. To target such areas and give you a body that is sculpted and well-toned, VASERlipo or VASER liposuction is available.

Using ultrasonic energy that can accurately target fat cells by heating them up and removing them, VASERlipo is an effective technique that can help you lose fat in specific areas of your body while having less downtime when compared to traditional lipo. The great thing is that the surrounding skin, tissues, nerves and blood vessels are not damaged or affected in any way during the process.

VASER actually stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. By transforming its ultrasonic energy into vibration which accurately targets the fat cells, it shakes the fat cells, loosening them from their connective tissue. This is done using small probes that are just two to three millimeters long.

What to Expect During the VASERlipo Surgery

During your VASERlipo procedure, your surgeon will make tiny, keyhole incisions in the concerned area of your body. Through these incisions, a thin metallic tube is inserted into the subcutaneous fat layer.

The tip of the metallic tube then starts vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies, and as a result, the fat cells are shaken and dislodged from their connective tissue. The dislodged fat cells are then sucked out from your body, after which you achieve a defined, tightened, and contoured look.

VASERlipo can be used to remove fat from various areas of your body, including your arms, legs, face, stomach, and back. You can even target the finer areas under the chin, or your cheeks, neck, jowls, breasts, abdomen, hips, upper arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, calves, knees, ankles, and buttocks.

The VASERlipo Recovery Process

In most cases, patients don’t have to stay overnight at the hospital since only a little sedation is used while performing the VASERlipo treatment. You can go back home soon after the surgery is completed, but it is recommended that you take some time to rest and relax for some time after the surgery. Your doctor will advise you on the amount of time you should take off.

It is normal to experience slight swelling and bruising, but this will subside after about two weeks. Your doctor may make you wear a compression garment to keep everything in place and facilitate a fast recovery.

The Benefits of VASERlipo

VASERlipo can be used to effectively treat delicate or difficult parts of your body such as the neck, chin, ankles, inner thigh as well as the buttocks. Any bruising and swelling you experience is minimized since the technique is so precise. It only targets the fat cells and does not damage any of the surrounding tissue.

With VASERlipo, the recovery period is faster and smoother and there is very little discomfort experienced compared to the traditional liposuction technique. This is because the process is much more gentle. The treatment also makes it possible to target more than one area of the body in one session.

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