Facelifts are becoming extremely popular among both men and women. We are in an age where appearances matter a lot and people do not want to let their age hamper their youthful looks.

Throughout the years, innovations have been made to the facelift technique, making it one of the most efficient methods for obtaining a natural, youthful look with long-term results.

A Facelift Can Remove the Early Signs of Aging

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to remove the visible signs of aging from your face and give you a youthful and refresh look. This plastic surgery can provide patients with instant and very visible results by removing excess skin and tightening the remaining skin to eliminate wrinkles from your face.

A full facelift can help reposition saggy skin back to its natural position on your face. The surgery can help deal with problems related to skin laxity. As you age, this problem becomes more severe, but the facelift can help correct the aesthetic issues it brings up.

A Little More About the Facelift Procedure

As is the case with all surgeries, you will be required to schedule a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon to determine what will work best for the look you want to achieve. Make sure to clarify any doubts you have regarding the procedure and discuss your expectations from the surgery.

A full facelift is done under the administration of an anesthetic and sedation via IV. The facial skin is separated from the SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) layer. This is a layer of firm tissue found just underneath your skin running from your forehead to your collarbone.

It usually differs from the normal skin tissue as it comprises a sturdy fibromuscular web. This layer is then moved away from the facial muscles present beneath. Some of these muscles are then trimmed and re-attached in a new position. If the SMAS tissues are placed in an elevated position, they change the look of the face by lifting it up. Other layers of the skin are then trimmed to get the perfect fit.

In many cases, a full facelift is combined with a stem cell transfer procedure. These cells are used for facial rejuvenation. Stem cells are particularly used as they have a capacity to repair themselves and regenerate into any other group of cells. These cells are usually harvested into a patient’s body and can give you outstanding results – a tighter, smoother and more youthful look!

Recovering from a Facelift Surgery

As is the case with any major surgery, post-facelift recovery will take some time. You need to be careful and allow yourself to rest and recuperate during this period. After your full facelift procedure, your doctor will cover the treatment area with bandages to keep it protected.

You can expect some swelling and bruising for a few weeks after your facelift. It will gradually reduce and go away with time. Any sutures that have been applied will be removed during your follow-up visits.

Experience the Difference a Facelift Makes at Mesna Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center

The facelift surgery can help eliminate the early signs of aging and give you the youthful look you desire. To learn more about this innovative surgery, contact Mesna Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center to schedule your consultation today!