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Bonnie has been a patient of Dr. Gregory T. Mesna’s for several years. She has received several treatments. She has regained confidence in her body and has noticed not only a better body shape, but better-fitting clothes. She appreciates the kind staff at Mesna Plastic Surgery

Female: We met with Dr. Mesna, my husband and I, for a consultation, and just felt absolutely comfortable. When we left here, we met with him. He’s just an excellent physician and a really caring person. When you walk in the door, you . . . he’s very down to earth. You just feel very comfortable with how he approaches you. You talk about personal things, and he just has a way of settling and making you very comfortable.

These procedures have definitely made an improvement in my life. My skin looks younger, my body looks better; the way I wear my clothes, they fit nicer. I’m very happy with the procedures. My experience at Mesna Plastic Surgery has been wonderful. When I walk in the door, I feel it’s a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, and friendly. If I have any questions, any one of the people who answer the phone are there to answer my questions without me having to wait for hours to get the answer.

I feel very confident in coming here. I would highly recommend Mesna Plastic Surgery. I have referred 3 of my close family members that have had different procedures done.

Dr. Mesna: There is more information for this and other procedures throughout our website. We offer free consultations. We encourage anybody with additional questions to contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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