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Types of Face Lifts Minneapolis


Full Face Lift

Every face lift procedure begins with anesthetizing the patient. This ensures that the patient is comfortable and sedate throughout treatment. A full face lift is the most comprehensive of the face lift procedures, and can correct sagging skin, jowls, excess fat tissue, and deep creases under the eyes and along the face. To begin the procedure, incisions are made along the hairline on both sides of the face, extending downward past the temple and around the ear, ending on the back of the lower scalp. This provides access to the underlying fat and muscle tissue, allowing it to be modified as necessary. Excess tissue is removed, the muscle tissue is pulled taut, and the skin is re-draped and sutured closed.

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Mini Face Lift

This technique is ideal for patients in their 30s and 40s who want to address specific problem areas before they have an opportunity to develop further, which would require more comprehensive surgery to correct at a later date. This technique is sometimes referred to as a “weekend” face lift because of how quickly it can be performed and how little time is required for recovery. With this technique, sagging along the chin, folds around the nose, and other minor cosmetic flaws on the lower face can be corrected through small incisions, leaving minimal to no scarring.

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Lower Face Lift

A lower face lift addresses the neck, jawline, jowls, and cheeks. For many individuals, a lower face lift is sufficient to meet their needs, as a full face lift is only required if the patient wishes to also address the brow line and forehead. To perform a lower face lift, an incision is made just in front of the ear, extending downwards below and behind the ear. This differs from the incisions used for full face lifts, as it does not extend upwards to the temple. Once the incisions have been made, excess fat and skin tissue can be removed, muscle tissue can be repositioned, and remaining skin can be re-draped to eliminate sagging and unwanted lines.

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Mid Face Lift

A mid face lift is so named because it addresses the middle section of the face: the eyes, cheeks, nose, and area around the mouth. When performing a mid face lift at our Edina, Minneapolis practice, Dr. Mesna will discuss your goals with you in detail to arrange a treatment plan. To gain access to the underlying tissues, small yet deep incisions are made in the treatment area (typically along the nasolabial fold or lower lash line). Excess fat tissue is removed, the muscle tissue is repositioned as necessary, the middle of the face is pulled up, and the incisions are closed with sutures.

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