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Tips for Dealing with Pain After Plastic Surgery

Pain and discomfort are common side effects of plastic surgery. It’s something you’re bound to face if you undergo any sort of cosmetic procedure, whether its an anti-aging surgery or advanced skin tightening and body contouring. The amount of pain is not extreme, however. It’s generally manageable and is only temporary. Many patients who visit […]

A True Confidence Builder: Otoplasty for Protruding Ears

At , Dr. Gregory T. Mesna and his team look at every procedure they perform as an opportunity to transform a person’s life. For some patients, plastic surgery represents a truly momentous event, a chance to boost their self-esteem and feel better about themselves and how they look, maybe for the first time ever. This […]

When Can I Start Exercising after Plastic Surgery?

Body contouring treatments can help enhance the results of a healthy diet and exercise routine by targeting stubborn areas, like the inner thighs and abdomen. After body contouring, many patients are eager to get back to their normal routines, which often includes exercise. While exercise is essential for good health and maintaining surgical results, exercising […]

Body Lift Recovery Timeline

The loose, sagging skin left behind by extreme weight loss can diminish weight loss results, leaving the body looking lumpy and flabby. Fortunately, excess, hanging skin can be removed with body lift surgery to reveal the contoured, toned physique hidden beneath loose skin. Each body lift procedure is tailored to the needs of the patient, […]

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