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Archive for December, 2016

Who Is a Candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is a procedure that helps reduce the prominence and improve the appearance of the chest in men. The procedure will involve liposuction as well as a careful removal of excess tissue in the pectoral area. After male breast reduction has been performed, patients will appear trimmer, slimmer, and more masculine. Whether […]

The Risk of Nipple Sensation Loss after Breast Lift Surgery

Over time, the effects of gravity, pregnancy, nursing, hormonal changes, and simple aging can cause the breasts to begin to sag and droop. The skin of the breasts can lose its elasticity, leading to ptosis, the clinical term for sagging. Especially among women whose breasts were larger and heavier to begin with, the aesthetic effects […]

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Neck Lift Surgery?

Whether a result of aging, weight loss, or sun damage, loose skin on the neck can leave patients looking and feeling older than they are. Unfortunately, once loose neck skin develops, it’s difficult or impossible to get rid of with diet and exercise. Neck lift surgery can help those who are unhappy with the appearance […]

Breast Augmentation for Wide Set Breasts: Can it Be Done?

A breast augmentation can create fuller breasts to achieve more feminine contours. Dr. Gregory T. Mesna has helped many women achieve their cosmetic goals through breast augmentation. The size and shape of each woman’s breasts is unique, and he takes all this into account. Many women ask about breast augmentation for wide set breasts during […]

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