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No Love for the Love Handles: Liposuction of the Flanks

Do all of the crunches and ab work you want, go for targeted cardio as much as you can, and even after a few months you may just wind up frustrated. You still have love handles and flabby flanks. The fact of the matter is that spot reduction does not work. While you will be […]

Improving Your Cleavage with Breast Augmentation

Many women who wish to improve the appearance of their breasts long for better cleavage and look to breast augmentation to achieve their desired results. Breast augmentation is an effective solution that can create shapelier, fuller breasts, but can breast augmentation improve cleavage? Breast augmentation can improve cleavage to some extent, the amount of which […]

Our Annual Open House

Dr. Mesna and Our Staff cordially invite you and a friend to join us on Thursday September 22, from 5-7pm. Take a tour and meet our staff while we showcase the newest and most innovative techniques in aesthetic medicine, in a relaxed atmosphere. Guests are invited to learn about new products and services as well […]

Eyelid Surgery and Dry Eye: What to Expect

The eyelids are a common problem area for aging men and women. Drooping eyelids can leave the face looking old and tired. For some, the eyelids may droop enough to interfere with vision, making daily activities, like driving and reading, difficult. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can help address drooping eyelids, rejuvenating the appearance and helping […]

Are Mommy Makeovers Effective: Exercise vs. Plastic Surgery

The people of Minneapolis can count on our team to offer excellent cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery solutions. These procedures are designed to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and improve overall feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem. Some of the most effective procedures of this kind include mommy makeover treatment for post-pregnancy body contouring.Yet some people […]

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