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Cosmetic Treatments for the Arms

For women, slim and toned arms contribute to the overall aesthetics of the body. Among men, muscular, firm arms are considered to be the ideal. When the arms develop excess pockets of fat, or drooping areas of loose skin, it can greatly affect a person’s appearance and self-confidence. At , Dr. Gregory T. Mesna offers […]

Popular Cosmetic Treatments for the Thighs

The thighs are a trouble spot for many people. Despite diet and exercise, it may seem as though there’s no hope for achieving a toned and beautiful for the thighs. Body plastic surgery treatments can be used to correct a variety of stubborn thigh issues to give you the look you’ve always wanted. There are […]

Common Side Effects of Breast Lift Surgery

At , patients throughout the greater Minneapolis area can count on our team to provide excellent care as well as ample answers to all of your questions. Providing information such as this is important for procedures such as breast augmentation surgery, which enhances the overall size and shape of the bustline. Breast lift surgery is […]

Plastic Surgery and Skin Care in Your 20s Keeps You Looking Young

When patients visit Dr. Gregory T. Mesna at his practice serving Minneapolis, they can expect to get some of the finest cosmetic surgery care possible. This includes breast augmentation to enhance the curves and the bustline and other advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures. Many patients who visit the practice are in their 20s. Let’s consider […]

Plastic Surgery and Air Travel: What Patients Should Know

The team here at believes that patients who visit us from the greater Minneapolis area should understand what to do before surgery and after surgery. Patient education helps us achieve excellent facial plastic surgery results, and allows patients to achieve total wellness. With this in mind, we receive a number of questions from patients about […]

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