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Archive for May, 2014

Eyelid Surgery Candidates: Reviving Your Eyes

The eyes are a vital reflection of who we are, except when they start to droop and make us look older. Sagging and drooping eyelids are an early sign of aging that make many people wonder if they would be good eyelid surgery candidates. Sagging eyelids or bags under the eyes are good reasons to […]

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Silicone Implants

For those without a true understanding of breast augmentation surgery, there is a common misconception that everyone who undergoes this procedure will achieve results that look and feel the same. In truth, breast augmentation is one of the most customizable plastic surgery procedures, allowing patients to tailor the look and feel of their breasts to […]

Upper Eyelid Surgery and Insurance Coverage

Everyone ages differently. For some, the most apparent sign of aging is sagging of the skin and folds of the upper eyelid, leading to a tired look and even covering part of the field of vision. If your upper eyelid skin is loose, you may be considering blepharoplasty, specifically upper eyelid surgery, to remove that […]

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