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How to Reduce Scars after Breast Augmentation

For our patients in Minneapolis, breast augmentation scars are a major concern. Patients want to achieve the feminine contours of their dreams, but do not want their new curves to be marred by scars. Unfortunately, any surgery will result in some amount of scarring. This holds true even for cosmetic surgery procedures. However, the vast […]

Breast Implant Revision Candidates

One of the best ways to improve you figure and enhance your curves is to undergo a breast augmentation surgery. This involves the carefully placement of breast implants, increasing the size of the breasts and also altering their shape. This has helped many of the patients at our Edina plastic surgery center achieve their aesthetic […]

Male Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is often associated with women, especially given the popularity of breast implants/breast augmentation surgery across the globe. Yet more and more men are undergoing plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance their appearance and fight advanced signs of aging. When you meet with a skilled Edina plastic surgeon, you’ll be able to discuss […]

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